Chapter Eighteen: Guilty

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Garroth's POV

Did she really just say that? Did she just say that she likes me? Did she just...?!

I wouldn't expect her to say that...could it be evil magiks? Or maybe she's just confused and scared..

I look at her, and she continued looking down. I could see her face fully red. She must've been terrified. I couldn't help but think that maybe she really did mean it.

She was jealous and sad of this ring.
Which was kind of funny actually. This ring actually isn't an engagement ring. It was my mother's ring. She found it to be special because it was given to her when I was born. When she died, her last words were telling me to keep this ring and cherish it.

Yet she was right. I'm marrying that princess at Scaleswind. She was pretty nice but also not that talkative, I really like talkative people and she sure wasn't.

"Garroth? Are you alright? It looks like you saw something.." I look to see Aphmau concerned. She had no evidence at all that she was terrified or crying. She looked as if she was..okay.

I nod and pull her up by her hand. She sighs and starts picking up items that have been damaged.

"Uh...What are you doing?" She kept on doing that until her hands were full.

"This Kingdom won't clean up would it?" She's right. But I forgot to tell her I'll be going back to O'Khasis....It hasn't been a month yet.

I smile and chuckle a bit, hoping she would laugh too, but she didn't. Now I know how it feels to know when you can't tell how someone is feeling, it's horrible. I sigh and try to help her clean the place a bit. Everything looked horrible.

I bet at least 100 citizens died. I shouldn't have left. I could've stayed and protected this Kingdom. My heart hurts so bad and I don't know why. It's horrible.

How come I always take the path that I regret the most?

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