Chapter Twenty-Five: Secret

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Aphmau's POV

I don't honestly know what to think about Nicole. She apparently doesn't look like what she looks right now, so I'm having major trust issues with her. Yet, she's a really nice person and I really enjoy her presence. I could tell she was a daredevil and really enjoyed challenges. She's also the kind of person to help, even if she doesn't like you very well. Wow, we're only walking to Cadenza's and I already know so much about her! Hehe!

We arrive at Cadenza's and Garroth isn't here. Well I don't blame him, he had to go to his place which is near the castle yet he is changing. This could give me time to ask Nicole some questions about herself. Hopefully, she'll trust me completely and give me answers. If not, I'll have it get even closer to her then. She's so interesting that I just...need to know more about her.

"So Nicole, where did you come from?" She looks at me concerned. So I'm pretty sure that she does not want to talk her past or anything like that. Maybe she came to Phoenix Drop for a new start, but Metali is way much better for that instead of here.

"Uh...Metali. How about yo- wait. Nevermind." She groans and face palms. She mutters a few cuss words which makes me laugh. Glad to know I'm not the only clumsy one here! Especially since Garroth scolds me for being clumsy, now Nicole and I can be in that situation! Together! Speaking of which, where is Garroth? He shouldn't be taking that long just to change his clothes. Probably doing something else on the way I guess.

"Ugh! What's taking that guy so long?! I'm sorry Aph, but I really need this fabric." Is fabric really that important to her? I swear she is a seamstress or something. She just has to be. Anyways, I understand. It's like my giant demand for all the Final Fantasy books. I smile and nod, she opens the door for me and we both enter.

She looks at Cadenza's shop as if she's in heaven. I soon bet she's a seamstress but doesn't want people to find out. Like, she just has to be! She picks out specific colors, mostly gray and a bit of purple. Purple is my favorite color, she could probably tell by my dress that I'm currently wearing. That reminds me..GARROTH. I leave Cadenza's to only find Garroth looking, right at me.

He had his armor back on so I'm not that sure if he was looking at me, but I could tell he was a bit angry. He was tapping his foot and both his arms were crossed. So obviously he's angry. I start sweating a bit and laugh a little, trying to not make this awkward as possible. Oh wait, it already is. What do I do now? Ughhhhh

"Care to explain why you went without Your Personal Knight? Nicole could've been an assassin and attempt to kill you. You need to wait for me." Psshhh, Nicole is too amazing to ever do that. She also has a cool white fox who's earned her trust. She's good. Yet her identity is what gives you the trust issues, that's all! Yet of course, Garroth would say something that could be true so I nod and say sorry, as always.

"Hey Aph, I just found this purple fabric that reminds me of yo- Oh. Did I interrupt something? Should I leave or...?" Nicole says, holding some purple fabric. It was way better than the one she was holding last time I saw.  She's also caring. Hm...she's great for a best friend!

"No of course not! Garroth just didn't like me leaving without him. Even though he left me." I glare at him and he just stands there. Yeah that's right. Take that! You piece of...metal..human..

What am I saying?

Nicole laughs and grabs my hand. Despite her holding a lot of fabric. She runs and drags me along to the hill. Yeah, the hill where I found out that man was Zenix. When we got to the top, she lays out everything on the ground and laughs.

"This is going to be soooo much fun! Oh just wait Aph!" She smiles and gets out knitting sticks. She knits? What. She starts knitting leaving each other in silence. I decided to cut that off though by asking some questions.

"So like making disguises I presume?" She said she doesn't look like she is currently plus, the knitting skills gives evidence as well. Why would she be making disguises, for herself too? Is there something she's want to run away from or what? Could she be someone that's wanted? Just who is she?

"Care to know why you like making disguises...for yourself?" Nicole stays quiet. As if she doesn't even want to answer that. She looks at me, frowning. What?

"Aph, I really would like to tell you the whole story but you wouldn't understand. Anyways, let's just father is looking for me. Yet I don't want to be found. Do you understand now? Also, keep this a secret and do not tell anyone about this." Okay, now I know she's not lying. She wants to tell me the truth but can't, I understand completely.

I nod and smile, she continues knitting and we just sit there.

Talking as if we've been friends forever.

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