Chapter Seven: Confession

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"You are the first and last thing on my mind each day."

Chapter Seven, Confession
Third Person POV
Song : ついこう めざめる たましい
(AKA: Tsuiko Mezameru Tamashii)

Aphmau wakes up and instantly remembers Garroth's face. His icy blue eyes and that silky blonde hair. No one could forget that. She blushes and hits her head, thinking that will make her forget his face. Yet sadly, the more she did that, the more Garroth's face would be stuck in her pretty little head. She laid there and thought about his face. She didn't expect Garroth to look like that honestly. She expected him to have some facial hair and black hair. Then again, he's nineteen and not twenty-five. A perfect age to date Aphmau. Aphmau grunts in frustration and goes back to bed, hoping that everything was all but just a dream.

After a couple hours, a voice was heard.

"Lady Aphmau, you're late for breakfast. Please come down immediately." Aphmau sits up and sees Garroth. He didn't seem that awkward about anything. Could've it been a dream? Aphmau ponders. She broke a sweat and nodded.

"I....I...okay.." Garroth tilts his head, probably confused. He sighs and stays outside her door. Watching the area.

"You know you're making it real obvious that someone between us happened. Just pretend we're...ur..friends..." Aphmau gawks at him in surprise. So it wasn't a dream!? And friends?! Didn't he say something a while back that they couldn't be friends?! What's going on here?! Aphmau thought

Garroth just sits there while Aph eats. She looks over at Garroth to see him looking at her. She blushes and looks away, seeing his face just made her awkward around him now. Especially since he's a nineteen year-old watching a seventeen year-old. Garroth chuckles loud enough for her to hear. He mutters something that sadly, Aphmau couldn't hear, thus making her annoyed for that one particular reason.

After breakfast, Laurence asks Aphmau if they can talk to each other. She agrees and Garroth decides to watch them. For protection of course, totally not jealous at all. Laurence gives Aph a rose and he smiles. Aphmau gladly accepts it and they sit on the hill they meet each other every day. While Garroth just watches them from behind a tree, not looking like a stalker or anything. Just for protection. I mean, Laurence could shank Aphmau and of course, Garroth would be there to save her.

Laurence sighs and tells Aph how much it was a beautiful day today. She nods and Laurence decides to be more.. they would call it.

"But the difference between you and today is that you're way more beautiful than it." Aphmau laughs and pats Laurence on the head, giggling. Garroth growls and sits behind the tree, having a fit like a little kid. And again, he mutters some threats on Laurence.

Laurence clears his throat and decides to tell Aph his feelings, hoping for a good response from her. Maybe even a kiss perhaps? Hm?

"Listen Aph, we've been friends for sometime now and honestly you're the best thing that I could've had. You're always in my mind and I always hear your voice. Your beauty cannot be compared to anything in the world. One smile and my day just turn... Amazing. I'm really glad I met you. I fell in love with you the day that I saw you hiding behind a pillar. You looked so adorable and cute I just had to meet you. I'm really glad I did. So Aphmau, I hope you don't mind me saying this...but I love you and I want to be more than just friends." Aphmau scratches her head and chuckles..

"Well... I appreciate you being honest.."
Garroth lost. Laurence won. He beat him to the punch. He should've told Aph when she saw his face..

"But I don't return the same feelings for you. I kind of like someone else!" She says smiling. Garroth slightly tenses. Who did she like? Does he know them? Is he attractive? How long have they known each other?

Questions and questions kept popping up into his head to only be stopped by Aphmau smiling at herself. He smiles, even knowing it could not be him, he's glad there's someone out there making her that happy.

"I know Aph, I just wanted to beat someone to the confession.." He glances back at Garroth and Garroth glares at him. Laurence pretty much gave a look saying "confess-soon-or-I-will-take-her-from-you"and Garroth gave a response, more like a threat, a "go-back-to-where-you-came-from-you-no-good-Casanova"

Garroth joins Aphmau, so he sat on the hill nex to her. Aphmau leans her head on Garroth's shoulder and says something that gave Garroth a chill up his spine

"I still see you without your helm, in fact, you should show your face more. You look better." Garroth blushes at that statement, hard. Was Aphmau...flirting with him? And why are they talking about this now?

"I would but I can't... Let's just say my past is pretty...crazy. Plus the King would know I'm not 25, He would probably resign me from being a Knight." Aphmau laughs and starts crying from it too. Garroth looks at her, his head tilt, giving a sign to Aphmau that he doesn't understand.

"You're the strongest Knight in our Kingdom! Why would he do that?!" Aphmau continues to laugh and Garroth just stays silent, he really didn't think about that. He mutters something, to himself, but this time Aph couldn't hear.

"It's time for us to go back to the Castle. Visitors from another Kingdom will be coming in three days...and you have to...ur..prepare..." Garroth says, Aphmau sighs and goes down to hill with Garroth. They walk to the Castle in silence.

Garroth noticed something as he was walking to the castle, the citizens were cleaning as if there was no tomorrow. Were the guests that special? He didn't know who the guests were, but apparently there's gonna be a big meeting between the two. He shrugged and continued walking.

When the two enters the Castle, they see maids and butlers running everywhere. They were cleaning and cooking like crazy. It was strange. They've never been super crazy about visitors, just like the citizens.

Who are the Visitors and why are they coming?

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