Chapter Eight: Discussion

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"I never wanted to be your whole life, just your favorite part."

Chapter Eight, Discussion
Third Person POV

Three days went quick, and the Kingdom was cleaned. Everyone worked very hard to make these three days nothing but hard work, even Aphmau and Garroth. Yet what they didn't know was that the visitors were from the Kingdom that was also undefeated, O'Khasis.
O'Khasis was a way more superior Kingdom, along with Scaleswind. They ruled above most Kingdoms and could defeat anyone in their way.

Word was said that a high priest and his guards were traveling from Kingdom to Kingdom to spread the word of the Great Irene, who could communicate with Dragons. And it's said that they were coming to Phoenix Drop last. They wanted O'Khasis to feel like they have had a crazy trip, now it's just time to relax!

Or so they thought...

Garroth and The King increased security and Kawaii-Chan made even more maids for her business. Cadenza made her shop FULL of outfits. While Emmalyn got a ton of books from local writers, in case they wanted to read.

Aphmau had to learn how to sit up straight and talk politely. She had to do this for her father, she wanted to impress him and this was the only way.

Finally, as the sun was rising, they stepped foot in the Kingdom. Everyone was awake and watched the visitors enter. A man with a similar design of Garroth's armor came in. He had his nose and down covered. You could only see his eyes. He had two guards with him and both looked very stern.

Aphmau was outside of the castle, besides Garroth of course, she bowed down to the visitors and took them to the King. The man with the mask walks over to Aphmau, probably to ask a question.

"So, are you Lady Aphmau? Princess of Phoenix Drop?" The man asks holding his hand out for her to shake. Aphmau nods and and introduces herself and Garroth.

"Yes, indeed I am. I'm Princess Aphmau of Phoenix Drop and this is my personal Knight Garroth. May I have permission to ask who you may be..?"

"My name is Zane. A high priest in O'Khasis. It's nice to meet you Lady Aphmau." Zane says flirty. Garroth clenches his fist and continues walking. He shouldn't get angry. Especially in front of him.They get to the King's Throne and all of them bow. Zane steps up, surprising both  Aphmau and Garroth.

"Thank you for preparing the place for us, it's surprising you found out..especially since most of the Kingdoms didn't even knew we were visiting.. It's glad to know you get information about your Kingdom easily. I respect that Your Highness. Anyways I'm here to look around if we can be...allies. We are both undefeated, so what do you say?" The King nods and says

"Thank you kind sir. And I do agree of us becoming allies, but your behavior on my Kingdom will have to decide that." Zane chuckles and nods, Aphmau escorts him and his guards to their rooms.

"Enjoy your stay here at Phoenix Drop!" Aphmau says smiling, Zane holds her hand and kisses it, with his mask on strangely. Aphmau tries not to look disgusted, she tried looking lady-like as much. Zane raises his eyebrow and chuckles.

"I assume you don't like getting your hand kissed, I apologize Lady Aphmau." She blushes and smiles

"No really it's fine! I'm just not that used to people kissing my hand..." She plays with her fingers trying not to be awkward. Aphmau was all caught up with Zane that she forgot Garroth was right behind her. Garroth was clenching his fist trying not to make a bad impression. But it was him. Him! Garroth coughs, trying to get Aph's attention, which it did. She gasped and screamed "Garroth" Aphmau then looks at Zane and scratches her head.

"Well, if you'll excuse u-me, I have to take care of business!" Rich ladies in the Kingdom told Aphmau that even if she has a Knight, she doesn't use plural words for them two. She must say that I,me,or myself. Never anything plural unless with someone who isn't a Knight. She was still getting used to the transition..
Garroth and Aphmau leave them in their rooms and decide to check out the village. She then sees Emma who is excitingly talking to Molly, Dale's wife. Emma squeals and approaches Aphmau.

"Lady Aphmau! Cory...he proposed to me!" She starts squealing ever harder and Aphmau joins in. Aphmau laughs and smiles at Garroth. Garroth does a thumbs up at Cory, who was behind Emma.

"So who's gonna plan the wedding?!" Aphmau asks looking at Emma's ring.

"I would like Kawaii-Chan too, she is really good at decorating! Ooohhhh and maybe Cadenza does the dresses and... AH! This is so exciting" Emma says. Aphmau laughs and congratulates them.

"Super exciting! Especially now that Zane is here! Maybe I could ask him out to tea and talk about him being the priest for the wedding!" Aphmau kept rambling on and on about plans for the wedding. Garroth stood there thinking about Zane.

"It's not a coincidence that he's here for being the priest to the wedding. They aren't here to become allies, no. They want something. And they'll do anything to get it."

Ooooohhh it's Zanee. The guy everybody hates XD A lot of you said you would scream if the visitors are from O'Khasis, so I better hear some screaming XD whale I'm off to play League of Legends!

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