Chapter Sixteen: Attacked

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Aphmau's POV

I completely forgot my books upstairs. Who are these people?! They have red armor like they were from the Nether! I was hiding underground with Father,Laurence, and many ladies in the Kingdom, including Kawaii-Chan!

"Your Highness...Kawaii-Chan saw a very familiar face. Zen-Kun nearly attacked Kawaii-Chan!" Zen-Kun? Who's that? I've heard a name with a Z before, but he left according to my Father.

"Father? Is Kawaii-Chan talking about...Zenix?" I say terrified. He was apart of this? He couldn't be... He was my first crush...he wouldn't do this!

"Yes. I'm sorry for not telling you. I should've told you like a responsible King.." He sighs and sits there. Another explosion was heard. Footsteps too. They're near.

I try not crying, but I'm scared. What would they do if they find us? Will they...kill us? No. Zenix wouldn't do that to me. I know he wouldn't.

I then see a book in my face. I look up to see Emmalyn. She smiles, handing a book to me. I take the book and look at it. It was called "Final Fantasty" aka my favorite book.

I gasp and look at Emmalyn. She laughs and whispers something.

"You used to borrow this book all the time! Maybe if I get the full series I'll give it to you. Don't cry though, Garroth wouldn't approve of you crying wouldn't he?" I nod laughing, crying too this time. I open the book and start reading.

As I was reading, Emmalyn was passing out books to everyone. She surprisingly brought a lot of books in that ragged backpack. It was amazing of how many books she had.


A sound of the trap door was heard through the place. Is this our end? The day I die?

Please...Lady us....

"Aph?" Are you there? Please. Are you there? Please be down here and alive."
My ears couldn't recognize the voice to well. I couldn't see very clear at them. Easily it was a male, no woman would have that low of a voice.

Could it be Garroth? Or Zane? It actually could be! I walk forwards to this figure. The light was still blinding my eyes. It was too bright for me to see his face.

"Garroth? Zane? Is that you? Please tell me it's you. I'm scared and I need to know. Please tell me it's you Garroth....or Zane..."

He shakes his head and chuckles.

"Sadly no. But don't worry. I'm here to protect you. You can't see me. I used magik so any of you can't see me. I can assure you Aph. Your safe. For the others...I can't say..."

I look at my Father who was confused as well as I. Who is this guy?

"Who are you? Do I know you?" I say alarming. He could be the people attacking and just trying to trick me!

"Yes. You do. And I can't say. But before I leave, I just want to say... You're my little sister. And I'll always protect you. By the time you hear the trap door close, you can leave, all of you. They'll be gone and I will be too. I'll see you again Aphmau."

He leaves and I wait for the trap door to close. It closes and footsteps are heard leaving. Can I trust him? Heck, who is he?! Apparently I'm his little sister...I don't recall having a brother. That couldn't be. He would be crowned king instead of me being crowned Queen.

Can I trust him?

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