Chapter One: Princess Aphmau

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UPDATE: Please understand I was literally like five when I wrote this so there's a lot of mistakes okay

Note: The characters in this story do not belong to me, all characters rightfully belong to Aphmau. Including most relations between the characters. But, everything else rightfully belong to the author a.k.a Savy Resaro.

Summary of "A Princess and Her Knight: A Garrtoh x Aphmau" by Savy Resaro

In a Kingdom, live a King and Princess. A Kingdom full of secrets. The citizens there held secrets. A Kingdom, made up of lies as well.

Now, this Princess is special in a way. Her name is Aphmau Aphmau, a princess who isn't very "princess-like" has dealt with not so many great things. She was smart, rarely serious, and quite a reader. Yet, with the problems she has dealt with have become life-threatening. The King was forced to get a Knight. Now she has a Personal Knight named, Garroth.

Garroth, the youngest and strongest of all Knights. He was smart and quite witty. Yet everyone has their own dark sides. He had a past that no one could ever guess, not even fortune teller could ever guess.

Both of their pasts have led them, together. So what will happen, when they crash?


"Every love story is beautiful, but ours is my favorite."

Chapter One, Princess Aphmau
Third Person POV

We start off in a kingdom called Phoenix Drop. Now this just wasn't any "normal" kingdom. This Kingdom did not care for who the Prince or Princess married, as long as they love each other, they can be happy. And of course, both the King and Queen and a daughter. A little girl named Aphmau.

Princess Aphmau or shall I say, Aph, was raised without The Queen, for she was assassinated by "Unknown Evil" or whatever everyone has been calling it. Her father was heartbroken, but he happily lived on to raise his daughter, and make her the best Queen. Yet, being the only ruler was difficult for him and the village did tempt him to remarry. But the King had his heart set on his passed wife, in fact, He visits her grave every single day. Sometimes usually bring in a flower or two, telling her how much he misses them.

Since Aph had no mother, and a very busy father, she had to have many caretakers teach her about being a lady and ruling a kingdom. Yet, these caretakers were properly looked over, they didn't have any discipline, thus making Aphmau quite a rebellious child. This meant that she would abandon her teachings to go out and play with the boys. But how so? By a magical card game called "Pokemon". Not many women, or in general girls, play it. In fact, Lady Aphmau was popularly said to be the only girl playing it.

Her father didn't know what actually had happen to her, until, a very important dinner was to be made in Bright Port in two years. And thanks to the bad nannies, Aphmau wasn't prepared one bit. Leaving her father to teach the basics himself. The King made sure she was given discipline, proper teachings, had good habits and not bad ones.

Aphmau actually listened this time, she respected her father and would not want to disappoint him either. Yet, even thought she did learn and respect him, she had not enough time to go out, and well socialize. Thanks to her handy window, she would watch them play Pokemon together, sing together, and play some games Aphmau wanted to try out.

It had been two years since then, and the Bright Port dinner was extravagant. Yet Aphmau didn't think it was that worth of her losing her friends. They have completely moved on away from her and played with the people around them. So when she was allowed to go outside, she would only read her Final Fantasy books, alone.

Luckily, maids and butlers noticed this, and were not happy at that sight. A Princess shall never ever be that lonely. They worked something out with a boy named Bolin. The two were the best friends, as if they knew each other for their whole lives. Unfortunately, the two had to end it off by such a horrible day.

While Aphmau was looking out her window, an arrow nearly hit her head. She was scared that it was meant for her obviously, but she didn't expect Bolin to be there. Right where that arrow hit. On the head.

Bolin died that day and Aphmau didn't cry. She was used to people leaving her anyways, so what's the point of crying?

Aphmau was now 17 and her father decided to add more security. Knights were everywhere in the kingdom now. The King had to stay up day and night deciding where shall they guard and then who shall guard Aphmau. He made a big sacrifice and made their strongest knight be Aph's personal knight.

This knight was the youngest and strongest out of their kingdom. The kingdom was undefeated thanks to this very knight. This knight was named Garroth.

Garroth was 19 but no one knew that. He always wore his armor and he would talk as if he was 25. The King had no idea he was that young. If the King knew he was only 19, then this whole love story wouldn't have become what it is.

Now, to begin the story...

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