Chapter Nine: Out For Tea

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"We are all a little weird and life's a little weird,  and when we find someone whose weirdness is compatible with ours, we join up with them and fall in mutual weirdness and call it love." ~ Dr. Seuss

Chapter Nine, Out for Tea
Third Person POV
Song: My Demons by Starset

Aphmau decided to volunteer to also plan Emma's wedding. She had so many plans to discuss with Kawaii-Chan, that she had a list of them. Well, she is writing a list, and she could probably need a second page to do that list. Garroth was casually watching Aph writing all her plans at Kawaii-Chan's until a suspicious bird, came with a letter. The bird was a Raven. Which usually meant bad news. It flew over to Garroth and gave him the letter. Garroth walks away from Aphmau, anything could come out from this letter. Evil Magiks,bugs,some evil potion, or even worse, witchcraft.

"If you wish for no harm to come to Phoenix Drop, go behind Kawaii-Chan's place by the time it's midnight. Come without any guards or your Kingdom gets it. - ♣︎"

Garroth coughs and reads the letter carefully. He looks behind Kawaii-Chan's place to see no one. Garroth didn't understand, didn't they say to meet there? There was no one there though... He reads it carefully once more, just to be careful, and sees the word midnight. Garroth facepalms himself and sighs. Idiot..

Aphmau finishes her list and walks to Zane's place where he's for now staying. She wanted to discuss over tea and would like it to be today, if possible of course. She knocks on his door and he immediately answers. Zane smiles, and what he said next just, astonished Aphmau.

"I heard about you walking to discuss something over tea and I would love to! Meet me behind Kawaii-Chan's place at midnight. My guards will personally set up the tea place." Aphmau gawks at him and he chuckles. He slowly closes the door while smirking at her.

"I have an easy way to hear things..."

Aphmau stands there thinking about what just happened. She then thinks about Garroth and gasps.

"Well poop I forgot about Garroth" Aphmau thought. She runs over to Kawaii-Chan's where she last saw him, despising the dress. Garroth was right there standing by the door looking around for Aphmau. By the time he sees her, he crosses his arms and clears his throat. Aphmau chuckles, scratching her head hoping he doesn't scold her. As midnight struck, Garroth and Aphmau meet each other behind Kawaii-Chan's.


"Lady Aphmau?"

They say together. Aphmau chuckles, she looks at Garroth hoping he would laugh. But he didn't, he felt something was wrong. Was Aph the one who made the letter? No. Of course she wouldn't. She wouldn't threaten her Kingdom as a joke. Yet, who made her say to meet her here?

"Garroth, wanna know what's the worst feeling ever?" Garroth looks up and asks "what" she looks down and tries to keep strong while giving him an unexpected answer.

"Not knowing how people are feeling. It hurts you know? I can't tell if you're sad,mad,happy, or anything! I wanna make you smile and be happy, but I can't do that if I don't even know what you're feeling! That helmet is always on your I'll never know what you feel!" Aphmau says trying not to scream. Garroth looks at her and sighs. By the time Aph looks up, she sees Garroth...smiling..without his helmet.

Garroth was fully convinced that she sent the letter. Why would she say this out of nowhere?

"Aph you don't have to worry about that. You make everyone smile. You're the Princess and you shouldn't just worry about me. If you wanted to talk about that, why would you send that horrible letter to me?" Aphmau's heart flutters but stops when he mentions sending a letter. She tilts her head and says

"Garroth...what letter? I didn't even send a letter!" Garroth's icy blue eyes widen in fear as he sees Zane and his guards walking.

"Terribly sorry Princess, but sorry I'm late. I wanted to just check." Aph backs away slowly in fear, wondering what will happen to her.

"Wha...what are you going to do to me? What Need to check?!" Zane walks toward her and kisses her cheek. Garroth growls and Zane chuckles.

"Silly Princess, I just wanted to see if he was really my big brother!" Aphmau gasps and her eyes widen. She looks at Garroth who looks as if he's in regret.

"This is my fault...If I didn't throw a fit..we..wouldn't have been in this situation!"
Aphmau mutters to herself. Garroth hears loud and clear and holds her hand. She looks at him and for the for the first time ever, she saw Garroth laugh.

Garroth can you just stop being hot and charming please? I might have to take you anyway from Aphmau if you continue XD Then again if you can't have Aphmau, NO ONE CANNNNNNNN.

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