Chapter Twenty-Two: Mysterious Man

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Aphmau's POV

I was bleeding so much. The rose thorns were such a pain, yet, I kept going. I had to do this, I just had to. My mother would love this flower crown I'm making. I know she would.

I continued and while I was nearly finished, a raven came near me and had a letter. The raven had this weird red helmet with a fire icon on it. Could it be? The Fire Nation?! Have they sent a peace making?!

I excitedly open the letter to see it's not, but someone else, and I'm not sure who.

Dear Aphmau,
I would like to speak to you, this about your safety. Do not worry, I promise on Lady Irene that I will not hurt you. I would give up my life for you. You are in fact, my little sister to me. Meet me at that special hill you always hang out with Garroth and Laurence. Please, Trust me.
Love, ☀︎

Should I trust this? Wait... Little sister? During the attack...didn't that guy I couldn't see say I'm like his little sister? Could this be him again? It probably is...right?

I finish the flower crown and put it on my head. I hope it's perfect enough for my mother. I quickly run,despite the new dress Cadenza gave me. My safety is more important than this absolutely beautiful dress.

By the time I got up to the hill, I saw him. Well not really, the light was so bright around him, I couldn't see anything but the figure. It's him...again. The man who said we could come out. It's really...him.

"I see you realized who I am. Yes, I am the man from the attack. Now listen Aph, when you're Queen, do not let any girls with white hair enter your kingdom. They are bad news. They will use potions to kill you. Despite how nice they are, they will kill you. I'll probably be killed if they found out I told you. So please, don't tell anyone."

I stood there, astonished. He's risking his life to tell me this, and I don't even know who he is! I felt bad, he could be killed. I want to know his name...anything! I need to recognize him. I just need to.

"I..I...understand. But please, tell me your name. I feel guilty for you risking your life and not even knowing who you are. Please. Please. Please! Tell me!"

I plead desperately. I wanted to cry there, I felt so guilty. I then hear a small chuckle, then a full on laugh. What's his problem? Is he gonna hurt me now? What is he....

"Aph? Can you not remember my voice?! Disappointed, ya know. Well if you would like to know..... I'm Zenix, and I'm apart of The Shadow Knights." The light suddenly brightens where I can no longer see. It then dims and...he's gone....

Zenix....he's alive....and betraying The Shadow Knights...just to protect me....

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