Chapter Thirty-Seven: Backstory

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"Love isn't supposed to be easy,
It's supposed to be worth it."

Chapter Thirty-Seven, Anger
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Garroth's POV

A meeting was adjourned today about this whole "Cadenza Situation", which I was very confused about. I thought this would be in private matters and not told to the public? If it was....then Laurence would be coming, angered that we weren't watching over her. Angered Laurence eh? That would actually be quite the show to see.

The meeting was said to start later, so I did a little investigating around Cadenza's store and home. We already know Zane did something about it, considering he was the one who told me that they found her. Yet I know my brother, he wouldn't have done this himself. Someone or something did this for me, or even worse, was forced to.

Being inside Cadenza's shop made me feel nostalgic. It had only been three days since she had been taken, but it feels like a whole year has gone by. I guess that's what happens when someone close to you is gone. Curse me for not watching over her. She's a princess too, just like Aphmau. A life that should be protected over by another life. A life that is worthless should protect a life that actually matters right? Probably.

Alright Garroth stop rambling on and on about lives. It won't help you or the situation at hand. In fact, it won't help any of us in this case. Just keep investigating for clues. Anything. Maybe a note? Considering Zane, he could've threatened Cadenza to go with him in order to save someone. Most likely Meteli. No. Zane wouldn't be that stupid. He wouldn't ask herself either. He doesn't get his hands dirty.

Hands getting dirty. That reminds me of my family. My father would never get his hands dirty with anything either. That is, after he got corrupted. Before that happened, my mother was alive. The kingdom was a place where everyone could be happy and free. Like Phoenix Drop, but then she died. He completely turned insane after the incident had happened. For a few days, he would talk to her dresses, pretending she was actually alive.

This didn't really affect me in any way. Probably because her last words were towards me. I knew she would be happy with Lady Irene anyways. But Zane and my father were highly affected. After those few weeks of insanity with my father, he turned to a power obsessed King you usually hear in stories. And Zane...he was...too young to understand such things, unlike,I, who understood everything clearly.

He took my father as a role model instead of me. Of course he would follow my father, I probably looked like a fool to me, and I probably still look like a fool to him now.  And so, for him following my father's steps. He wanted power, just like my father. Then, there was me. I was taught to be a prince in the weekdays, and on the weekends...lets just say I was raised like my mother.

My mother wasn't a princess. She was just some country girl my father met on the way to Scaleswind. I would do chores, ride horses, and tend crops for people in the outskirts of the kingdom, earning my very own money. I wasn't spoiled, nor did I like being treated that way. I remember when I insisted the maids I do the dishes, and when my father saw me doing the dishes, he fired all the maids and butlers in our castle. And he got a completely new set of maids and butlers. Let's just say that I didn't get along with any of them. Or like any of them, and they probably didn't like me back. Why? Well I would usually bring mud inside the castle...and they would not let me go without a scold. And by the time I was 15,the best opportunity opened up for me. Being a Knight.

Ever since I was little, I would knights go hand in hand with each other. I remember thinking they was inhuman and were the saviors to this world. That is, until I went into actual training.  We had to wear armor and me trying to hide the fact I was a prince, that was the only option. Wear my armor all the time. Honestly, I thought it was living in the Nether at training. The instructor was strict and wouldn't even let me sit down after we finished all drills! I was so mad about that, that I took off my helmet and nearly punched my bed during training. Sadly, one of the Knights saw me and immediately recognized me. Her name was Azura, who is now the Knight of King Burt.

She kept my secret and actually became my best friend during training. Yet, I was never around girls. My whole family were just boys most of the time, so I've never understood girls. She would always get excited or turn red whenever I complimented on her combat skills, which were amazing. And she would always run off to her friends, telling what happened, then her friends tell us that we should date. Yet she would always deny and what cut me off is that she asked me out. I clearly didn't understand girls, as if they were a different specimen. So to save myself, and my past from getting revealed, I said no.

And I'm glad I said no to Azura that day. Why? Well because instead of being here, I would've been with her, in Bright Port, being away from the one I truly love. Aphmau.

Anyways! I hope you enjoy this chapter and sorry if it's short! I wrote this in one day so sorry if there are many mistakes or errors :^(

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