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So many questions from all of you! I'll do all of them since I don't have to write them down and type them this time. I found out an easier way •~•  Your songs will be on chapters I promise, but for now, let's get started!

@cind678 said: How long will you keep doing this story?

It depends honestly, if I keep enjoying writing this and if I feel like the story has gone too long and should end.

@wolf44122 said: Favorite YouTubers?

My favorite YouTubers are Aphmau,SkyDoesMinecraft,Pewdiepie,
NaturesTemper, UberDanger, Dark Mane, and MagikarpUsedFly ^/////^

@ruinedreaders said: ........Will Dante's lover interest be Sasha? ;-; I hope it's not-

Honestly, I see Nicole and Dante together and I don't know why.

@mint4050 said: How many more chapters?

Not sure, honestly it depends if I'm enjoying it still and if the story has gone too long.

@endercanadien said: Why did you choose to write this book?

I got inspired by mentallylove and wanted to write garrmau books

@bethblue122 said: Who's your favorite character from the book?

Kawaii-Chan ♥︎

@Periwinkle33 said: Supernatural fan?

Nope XD

@mornimgowl1202 said: In your opinion, what is the best part about writing books?

To me it's seeing your guys reactions. Like you guys saying "SAVY WHY DID YOU DO THIS TO ME" makes me laugh and feel evil. Knowing that they liked your chapter so much where they got too many feels is such a great feeling.

@foxxybunnies said: Will you add a random character that is like you into the book?

Sadly no, I don't want someone random person added into the character that people don't know that well.

@singhixon said: How long have you wanted to make a fanfiction like this?

Ever since I downloaded Wattpad and found out there were Levi x Reader stories XD

@coora360 said: How long have you watched Aphmau for?

Ever since their first video. I've been around for that long.

@ikawaiicats said: How would you react if Jess/Aphmau made a roleplay series off of this story? Would you be shocked, or amazed?

I would be shocked and amazed, but also I would feel unfair. There are so many great stories that are way better than mine and should be made into a roleplay series.

@aphmaulovesyou said: Favorite Fish?

The Flying Fish. I mean come on, ITS A FISH THATS FLIES XD

Malio123 aka My ThunderCluck said: What is your worst fear? And did you steal my banana like Yasmin?

My worst fear is two things actually. Rejection and asking someone for help. I'm someone who wants to be independent but can't do so. Rejection, I do not want to get my hopes up for anything and anyone saying "no" makes me terrified. So I usually stay in the back and stay quiet. And what if I did steal your banana? ;)

@cluemaster said: What made to want to write this book/fanfiction.

Aphmau and mentallylove

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