Chapter Thirty-Nine: Frustration

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I could lie awake, just awake to you breathe, in the dead of night, you went dark on me.

Chapter Thirty-Nine, Frustration
Song: NightcoreReality- I'm in Love with You
By Savy Resaro
Garroth's POV

I had just realized I've been standing in the same place for quite awhile now, and of course, I got off topic from Cadenza. Damn it Garroth! You had one job!

I slap my helmet a few times and get back to looking around, and yet still nothing. There's no clues around here to arrest Zane! I mean, what? Did I say arrest Zane? Psh nope.

I mean execute Zane. Okay too far Garroth, you wouldn't have the heart to do that, would you?



Okay just calm down and get back to work FOR THE LAST TIME.

I exit out of Cadenza's house, my face dashed with red. Which was pretty weird, because I'm blushing from my own doing. And what I saw outside completely astonished me, a party? Why a party? Cadenza is freaking kidnapped and there's a party going on!?! Who would do this?! Everyone loved Cadenza! 

I walk around stomping my feet, making sure the people dancing and laughing knew that this was no happy matter. But, the person in the front of the girl I didn't expect to have planned this.

It was Aph. Lady Aphmau.

She looks at me and smiles, and continues dancing with Emmalyn. Do they not understand what's going on?! Zane kidnapped Cadenza so she could marry me!!! I mean, we don't know if Zane actually kidnapped her, but someone with Zane did.

Aphmau continues looking at me, concerned about how I'm just standing here. She doesn't understand, we have a meeting that she planned. And she's here just dancing?! What kind of sick joke is this?!

I walk over to Aphmau and gently drag her to the side. She tries grabbing out to Emmalyn, but my gentleness was probably not that gentle to her as much I thought. I let go of her sleeve and she looks at me, angered and embarrassed.

"Garroth what was that for? You didn't have to do that y'know! I was having fun too!!!" she says,pouting and stopping her feet on the floor. Did she seriously forget that she's doing a meeting? Do I have to remind her about the meeting that HERSELF planned? I sigh and place both of my hands on her shoulders. I guess I do have to remind her about the meeting...

"Aphmau. Remember the meeting? You know, the one that you planned and is in about 10 minutes.. Oh and you're also the one presenting and talking about the Caden-" Before I could finish, she smashes my helmet using her fist. As much as it did hurt me, it must've hurt her way more. This armor isn't effective to fire what so ever, and using your fist on this? Not as good either..

I look down and her hand and see that it's completely red and full of scratches and bruises. Wow did my helmet do that? I better apologize to her after. She glares at me, an angry aura coming off of here. Woah, what's her problem? Why is she so suddenly angry? I didn't do anything other than remind abut that meeting.

I miss all, and everything about you.

Your smile,

your hugs,

your cuteness,

and even your flaws.

I miss everything about you. I love you."

Aphmau's POV

Is Garroth that stupid?! Why would we want everyone to know about the situation?! This party is just a cover-up, something that will keep everyone busy from looking the ones at the party. The only ones who know about the Cadenza Situation is Kawaii-Chan and Emmalyn that will be distracting everyone to not ask or look for anyone so called "missing."

But apparently some idiot named Garroth wants us to tell the whole world. All that will do is send the kingdom in a panic and chaos. Cadenza was quite popular, though no one really would call her a celebrity. She was practically just a well-known girl from her clothing line and such.

I snap back into focus, my hand being in absolute pain from my fist smashing Garroth's helmet. Even if it didn't do much to it, it still hurt pretty bad. I glare at him and hold on hand in my other hand, it was red and I think it was starting to bleed...Ugh never mind that come on Aph focus!

"Listen Garroth, we don't talk about um CS in public okay? This party is a cover-up so no citizens wouldn't look or worry about any of the missing people. Kawaii -Chan and Emmalyn will not be attending the meeting, but instead, they'll be stalking for anyone looking of any of us. Understood?" He doesn't say anything for awhile, and we just stare at each other in complete silence. And honestly, I liked it. Though I kind of do wish to see his eyes and facial expressions...

Suddenly, as I was in my trail of though, Garroth takes off his helmet and stares at me. Getting back to Garroth, my face became a tomato and no mater what I tried, my face would not stop being red. He grabs my hand that was actually bleeding and inspects it.

"Well we still have some time, I think I can clean this up and bandage it. What do you think?" He smiles at me and my heart just practically has butterflies. I nod slowly, trying not to die from blushing. Yet, Garroth just made it worse.

He smiles at me once more and grabs my hand, he takes me to his place. Where we are alone, without anyone bothering us. Oh my....Oh my....Phew.... Breathe Aphmau...Breathe...You can handle this...

Garroth sits me down and goes to a room, probably his bedroom. I sat there for quite some time, in silence, waiting for him. Later, the door opens and I see that he isn't in his armor...Instead, he's wearing something what a prince would wear.

I couldn't stop staring, he looked amazing. He grabs my hands and leads me toward his sink. He cleans off my hands and gets some wrap to cover my hand. And what's better is that he was so gentle with me, I just felt like nearly dying from blushing!

"Sorry about that whole helmet smashing and wanting to tell the whole world about you know, CS. It seems like this was the only way I can pay back you before everything starts changing...." Garroth start becoming silent in the end, obviously meaning all the marriage. I smile and ruffle his hair, using my tip toes to even touch his hair.

"Uh Garroth it's fine really! I appreciate the help, it really means a lot. Thank you." And from then on, it was just utterly silence between us. We stood there, staring, and feeling the emotion between the two of us in our eyes. I loved it, a lot. Five minutes till the meeting and I start walking away from Garroth, too awkward to say anything.

But as I was exiting his house, I heard three words.
Three words.

That practically changed my life forever.

"I love you."
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