Chapter Twenty-Nine: Relax

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Sorry for the late chapter! Lately I've been hanging out with Satiel on League of Legends. And yes, the Satiel from Challenge Accepted. He's pretty good too!  Also, quick note about him, please do not comment on his YouTube channel to come back to Aphmau's. They decided to make their own content. He's moved on from Minecraft. Please accept his decision and leave him alone.  He's doing completely fine I can assure you. Satiel is still making those puns though! -_-

Kawaii-Chan's POV

Aphmau-Senpai came rushing into today at Kawaii-Chan's bakery. It looked like Aphmau-Senpai was nearly in tears! Kawaii-Chan rushes quickly to Aphmau-Senpai, acting a bit yandere. Who ever did this to Aphmau-Senpai will truly pay! And by that they will be be charged extra. Hehe! Kawaii-Chan stop! Kawaii-Chan must focus on Aphmau-Senpai!

"Aphmau-Senpai!  Why does Aphmau-Senpai look like she's going to cry?!" Kawaii-Chan pats her back, and brings in some of her favorite cake. Kawaii-Chan made sure it had purple frosting and had a cherry on top as well! Aphmau-Senpai loves cherries on top of the cake, yet it costs extra so Aphmau-Senpai doesn't get it that much. But this one is on the house.

" Nicole are....engaged!" Aphmau-Senpai covers her as she completely breaks down. Garroth-Kun?! Engaged?! Isn't he engaged only to the Princess of Scales- WHATTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT. Nicole-Chan is Princess of Scaleswind?! Since when?!

"Don't cry Aphmau-Senpai! Garroth-Kun and Nicole-Chan probably don't love each other! Especially since they both ran away from their Kingdom! Kawaii-Chan is sure that Garroth-Kun doesn't love Nicole-Chan, in fact I think he was jealous of Nicole-Chan!" Kawaii-Chan smiles. Garroth-Kun was really grouchy one day because Nicole-Chan and Aphmau-Senpai were hanging out together. Garroth-Chan even ordered tea! And Garroth-Chan completely hates tea!

"Jealous? W-Why?  And...ho-how do you know this Kawaii-Chan?" Aphmau-Senpai is sometimes reallllly clueless! Makes Kawaii-Chan want to smack Aphmau-Senpai on the head sometimes, hehe! Kawaii-Chan smiles and smacks Aphmau-Senpai on the head. Aphmau-Senpai became too clueless there! Aphmau-Senpai squeals and rubs her head. Aphmau-Senpai is so kawaii!

"Aphmau-Senpai! I thought Aphmau-Senpai was smarter than that! Garroth-Kun was jealous of Nicole-Chan because both of you were spending the day together, without Garroth-Kun! Garroth-Kun was reaaaallly grumpy that day that Garroth-Kun ordered tea! T-E-A! TEA." Aphmau-Senpai looks at Kawaii-Chan, still crying. Aphmau-Senpai was completely shocked. Aphmau-Senpai really didn't think of that didn't Aphmau-Senpai? Baka...(If you don't know, baka means "idiot" or "stupid" in Japanese :3)

Aphmau-Senpai looks down, quiet, with an aura of..regret? Aphmau-Senpai stands up and leaves. Kawaii-Chan smiles.

Kawaii-Chan thinks Aphmau-Senpai understands now, and that Aphmau-Senpai is now going to start making things right again.

Aphmau's POV

Kawaii-Chan...she's really a great friend. I honestly can't thank her enough. I really am grateful for her. Glad that she came into Phoenix Drop, glad that she exists . If it wasn't for her, I would still be in tears. I really have to pay her back for this, especially after that free delicious cake!

I stay quiet and leave, thinking that I'm ready.


Ready to confess, ready to change.

Ready to make things right.

Ready to accept that I've completely fallen in love with Garroth.


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