Chapter Thirty-Four: Definiton of Love

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A/N: Hey guys! This really isn't important, but I'll be putting some Anime trailers just because I love Anime so this trailer is Fairy Tail. It's one of my favorites. This anime is practically about family and loyalty. It's action-packed but also has a lot of comedy in it. There are a lot of people to ship with, like Aphmau and every  single  guy in Minecraft Diaries. I mean come on, she's had at least one moment with all of them. Am I right? XD

Third  Person   POV

"Nicole," Garroth says quite amused. He didn't  expect  her to be waiting for him, especially after that talk the other day. She looked really angry once her identity was out, he thought Nicole wouldn't want anything to do with him! She stood there, her eyes closed, and her red hair moving along with the wind.

"what are you doing here? I thought you were  mad  at me." Garroth  continues. Nicole opens her eyes and sighs. She walks over and puts her hands on Garroth's shoulders. She looked at him straight in the eyes, making sure he knows that she's serious.

"I heard all those noises Garroth. You can't hide it. They were incredibly loud. Your hands also give me proof. You have to calm down. We can come up with a plan together. I know you don't like Aph and  Zane  together, I can see it in your eyes. You can't hide it Garroth, I bet everyone can see that too. You love Aphmau." Garroth immediately regretted not wearing his helmet. His face turned red the second Nicole started talking. She could read him like an open book.

He stood there, thinking what Nicole had just said in his face. He knows he likes Aphmau, but does he love her? He doesn't understand what it is to "love". His father and Zane became corrupted with evil and he didn't know what it was like to love someone. And his younger brother....he doesn't want to talk about him.

Nicole sighs and lets go of Garroth. She crosses her arms and closes her eyes for a brief second. She then glares at Garroth, her eyes full of anger.

"You don't think you love Aphmau do you? So dense it makes me laugh. Do you need me to look up the word? Uh... don't answer that. I think I do..." Nicole sighs and looks at Garroth, her glare softening. Garroth couldn't understand what Nicole was saying. Was she actually telling him the definition of love?

"Listen to me carefully now. Take notes if you have to, considering how dense you are, you actually should. Love means that you accept a  person , with all their failures,stupidities,ugly points, and nonetheless you see their perfection, in their imperfection itself. Love is where no matter how upset or mad they make you, you can never be mad or upset for too long. Mistaken love is where you'll sacrifice yourself for them, when really you shouldn't. If you truly love them, you'll live for them. You'll fight your hardest to live, and relieve of them that you're alive. Now little dense Garroth, who was in your mind the whole time I was talking? Hm..."

Nicole puts a finger on her chin, pretending to think. Making sure Garroth understands that this was obviously a no-brainer. Garroth stood there, amused of Nicole's knowledge of love. How would she know this? Garroth looks at her feet, seeing her little white fox.

"Must've been her" Garroth thought

He wanted to say no one, but obviously Nicole would probably hurt him bad if he doesn't say who he truly thought of. He sighs and looks at the ground, smiling at her little fox.

"I....I...thought of Aphmau."

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