Chapter Thirty-Six: Cadenza

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"I love you more today than yesterday,
but not as much as tomorrow."

Chapter Thirty-Six, Cadenza
Third Person POV
Song: Wonderland by NightcoreReality

"Cadenza, Cadenza, Cadenza" Garroth chanted quietly to himself. He was shocked at the news of Cadenza, being taken forcefully by Zane. He had to tell someone, especially Laurence. He wouldn't like to here that his older sister was taken to get married to Garroth. Yet sadly, Laurence left to Meteli and Garroth is not allowed to leave Aphmau's sight unless told to. Wait....Aphmau! Garroth thought excitedly. Maybe she could help with this Cadenza stuff.

Garroth looks for Aphmau, around the party, hoping to not bump into Zane again. Last time he did, he found out they took Cadenza! Don't want to find out someone else has been taken! As he was looking mindlessly for Aphmau, he bumped into Nicole, the real Princess of Scaleswind. She drops her drink due to the collision with Garroth, leaving her dress outfit soaking wet. She yelps from the boiling water, looking at Garroth with a glare saying "you're-buying-me-a-new-dress."

"Garroth!? What's the big idea?! Do you have any idea how much this dress cost?! Ughhh! You're SO buying me a better one! Garroth? Garroth! GARROTH!?" Nicole continued, screaming his name trying to grab his attention. Garroth really didn't care, he was to busy watching Aphmau, which he found on the dance floor. Aphmau was there dancing with that blue haired guy, Dante. He's a guard isn't he?! He's not allowed to touch the princess like that! Garroth leaves Nicole, angered and confused. He storms off to break Dante and Aphmau. He grabs Aphmau's hand, and brings her along with him outside.

"Garroth?! Hey! What're you doing?! I was dancing with somebody not to mention! Garroth? Are you okay?" Garroth had been staring at the ground, wondering what will happen to Cadenza if she doesn't agree to what Zane or anyone royal says. She could get hurt and it'll be his fault for not marrying Nicole in the first place. People are getting hurt because he doesn't want to marry someone to avoid war or anything like that. This all started because of him. Every conflict that Phoenix Drop had faced was because of him.

But just because it's because of him, doesn't mean he wants a pity party. He will take on any challenge to protect Aph and everyone else, even if it means his own death. He doesn't want or need a pity party. For he is a knight, and will have the courage and bravery to face anything in their path. Not a prince, not a soon-to-be King, but a Knight. The Head Knight of Phoenix Drop, and the Personal Knight of Aphmau. For he cannot fail people who have faith in me. If he does, well, let's just say, he'll just get back up and try again.

"Aph, were you the one asking where Cadenza was? Well let me tell you that, where she is, isn't so good. I want you to stay calm and just...decide what to do from then on. I trust that you will make the best decision after I tell you where exactly she is." Garroth bows down to the ground in respect of the Princess. She stands there unemotional and nods, clearly noticing that this is important matters and it shouldn't be interrupted by some silly party. Garroth breaks a small sweat, is he actually prepared to see Aphmau this shocked? What will she think of the situation? What will she do? Will she get angry? Mad? Sad? Who knows! She could be screaming at Garroth blaming him for everything that has happened! Garroth stood up and took off his helmet, showing that this is VERY serious and important.

"Aphmau, Cadenza has been taken by Zane in confusion of Nicole, the Princess of Scaleswind. Since today is my 20th birthday, I will leaving soon to marry her. If Cadenza does not do as they say, or rat herself out, she could possibly get hurt. Big time. I propose you can handle this situation with the King and such?" He stares at her brown sparkling eyes. They glistened as he talked, oh so formally, honestly Aphmau was quite surprised. She really didn't expect Garroth to do such things. She's never seen him this serious about anything. She smirks for just a brief second and closes her eyes. She knows what to do. The plan she heard her mother once talk about when she was little. The plan, that her father had no idea about. The plan, that could distinguish O'Khasis and their dictating Monarchy. She opens her eyes and nods. She looks around the perimeter, hoping for no one to hear and sighs. Garroth waits, quite excited to hear what Aphmau has to say about this whole conflict.

"I see...well Garroth, I suggest you remain calm and stay that way. I'll handle this further on. I would suggest you keep an eye on Zane for a little more, and do not let him off your sight. Again, I can handle this myself, after all, it's your birthday. Go on and have some fun, I'll be leaving soon to discuss things with Father. Have a great night, and happy birthday!" Aphmau smiles and walks towards the castle, completely calm and subtle. Meanwhile, Garroth could not believe his ears. Let her handle this? She's not even 18 yet! How can she handle this problem on her own?! Garroth was shocked at her response and wanted to talk back at her, but her final words were demanding and quite intimidating for Garroth himself. He sighs, walking back to the Castle, ready to enjoy his own 20th birthday party.

"Being someone's first love may be great,
but to be their last is beyond perfect." ~ Unknown

"Alright, time to start the Phoenix Alliance."

Woahhhhh the Phoenix Alliance! Sorry for the stupid long wait for this chapter. I just started school and its one so I should be going to sleep soon for school tomorrow XD.

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