Chapter Thirty-Five: Grave Danger

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"I'm amazed when I look at you. Not just because of your looks, but because of the fact that everything I've ever wanted is in front of me"
Third Person POV

Nicole stood there, smirking. She was glad that Garroth actually got some sense into his head. She glanced at Garroth to see him red as a tomato. She snorts at him and leaves, saying something that Garroth really didn't apprehend her to say.

"If I end up marrying you, who would Aphmau be with?" And with that final say, Nicole left. Without saying goodbye, as Garroth stood there,astonished. It would be Zane. His younger brother, the one who betrayed him. The one who doesn't want to help him. The one, who's corrupted with power.

Garroth,didn't like that. Not one bit. He hated the idea of Aphmau being with Zane, in fact, Aphmau being with a boy other than him. He despised the idea and thanks to Nicole, would not let any other guy win. He wouldn't even let Laurence win.

Today, he walked around town. Happy as ever if he bumps into Aphmau, without Zane of course. If Zane was there, oh boy, things would not be good, not one bit. To be honest, Garroth was checking up everyone in the neighborhood. His last stop, which was most interesting, was Kawaii-Chan's bakery.

He awkwardly found Kawaii-Chan talking, as well blushing, with a man who had blue hair. He was chuckling a little at Kawaii-Chan for her small and cute blush. Garroth was completely astonished to see what was happening in front of his eyes. He really didn't see any love interests for Kawaii-Chan, even Brenden didn't seem like one. Garroth always though Kawaii-Chan saw him as an annoying prick, when really, Kawaio-Chan just saw him as a very helpful friend. Nothing more, nothing less.

As Garroth was watching what the two were, so called, "flirting", Kawaii-Chan saw him at the corner of her eye and gasped. She was completely flustered at seeing Garroth, considering he just saw what the two were doing. The blue haired man as well turned around, confused to why Kawaii-Chan was completely red.

"Kawaii-Chan...? Who's this...?" He says awkwardly, hoping it to not be Kawaii-Chan's boyfriend. He could easily see Garroth's strong build and that guy did not want to do anything with him or his girlfriend. He plays with his fingers, praying that he wouldn't die right here and there.

"Oh Dante-Kun! This is Garroth-Kun! A  old friend of mine! He's....the Head Knight!" Kawaii-Chan knew that Garroth would not like anyone else to know his true identity. Remembering specifically what Garroth told him about Zane. If Kawaii-Chan could,she would kill that "Zane"if she ever laid eyes on him. She did not want her Garrmau ship to be ruined by someone like that. Pretty sure her Garrmau fan club wouldn't want anyone to ruin that beautiful ship that should've already kissed by now. Kawaii-Chan is already getting impatient with the two and is resolving to smash their heads together, making them kiss.

But, she really didn't want it to come to that. She wants them to find their one way.

"Oh hey...I'm uh...Dante...I'm a Knight and....I recently just moved here...." He says shyly, he wasn't really someone to open up to someone immediately. Currently, Kawaii-Chan was the first person he actually wanted to open up to, and he's really glad for that. He hoped that Garroth would not get angry from his shy attitude, considering his training guards were mad as ever for that particular reason. Garroth opens his mouth, and Dante closes his eyes, hoping to not hear a loud scold.

"A Knight eh? My name's Garroth., welcome to Phoenix Drop.   Oh and Kawaii-Chan...have you seen Aph?" Dante opened his eyes, in complete awe of Garroth's reply. No Head Knight or anyone superior to him have responded that way. They would say how he isn't worthy of being a Knight for being that apprehensive. He smiles a bit, proud of his decision to move to Phoenix Drop. He really didn't expect the citizens here to be so.. ingratiating...

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