Chapter Thirty: Leaving?

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Garroth's POV

I really didn't think about what was going on. I should've known that Aphmau would've known we're supposed to be engaged. Just the thought of her crying made me feel even more guilty. It felt like a hundred knives going through my heart, over and over.  I thought Aphmau would stop being friends with Nicole and come over to me. But that obviously didn't work. That just stopped Aphmau from being with me.

I sigh and lean against a tree, despite Nicole. She was utterly shocked. She probably didn't think I would be a Prince eh? Then again, I didn't think she would be a Princess either. I closed my eyes and sighed. Aphmau is probably  pissed off at the both of us now isn't she?

I walk around, looking for Aphmau. She's probably at Kawaii-Chan's. That's where everyone goes when you need to cheer up, I sure know that for a fact.  I went there privately when I was enraged at Aphmau, and made her cry.... I make Aphmau cry a lot don't I?

Why the heck do I even stay around her? I made her life horrible. I make her cry almost every single week. Usually by my life or by me. It's all my fault she's been crying...all my fault. She can't be happy with me. She'll be utterly depressed I bet. She should be with Laurence, he can guarantee a good life for her. But me? Not a chance. My father...Zane...and many others will ruin it anyways. I really don't see the point.

As much as I care for her, I don't think I can be with her. All I'll do is make her sad, never, ever happy. Should I give up on my happiness and leave her? I think it's for the best.

Besides, how can I protect Aphmau from despair or depression when I'm basically the one bringing her that?

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