VanossCrew x Reader - Oneshots (2) by SoFreakingFanTastic
VanossCrew x Reader - Oneshots (2)by HEYHAYAMANDA
Greetings! Every wonder what situations you could be in with the VanossCrew? Well, let's find out!
  • vanosscrew
  • daithi
  • adventure
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The First Girl ~ The Banana Bus Crew X Reader by Glossy_Gamer
The First Girl ~ The Banana Bus Glossy
(Y/N) (L/N), a youtuber with over 45 million subscribers, her Youtube channel is called (C/N) she's almost bigger than the infamous PewDiePie, who also happens to be her...
  • romance
  • pax
  • vanosscrew
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大神,你老婆掉了! / Big God, Your Wife Went Offline! by iamabanana_tl
大神,你老婆掉了! / Big God, Your Wife IAmABanana V
大神,你老婆掉了!/ Big God, Your Wife Dropped Offline! Author : 欲晓 / Yu Xiao Tag : Gentle black-bellied Gong(Seme) x Innocent shy YD(lewd) Shou(Uke) , Modern , Warm , Gong pampe...
  • adult
  • gaming
  • casual
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New Neighbors (Markiplier x Reader) by lizard1600
New Neighbors (Markiplier x Reader)by Lauryn "Lizard" Lynx
You just arrived at your new apartment in L.A. and are waiting for your favorite YouTuber, Markiplier, to upload, but when his videos are late and you hear a crash from...
  • youtubers
  • markiplierxreader
  • gaming
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[BL] I never knew the World was this Bright by Lights_Kingdom
[BL] I never knew the World was Lights_Kingdom
Genre: Online gaming, BL Author: Light Length: 48 chapters (+ 6 Bonus) Main CP: An Lian x Jian Chen Side couple: Xi Jun x Yu Ming Synopsis: An Lian never thought he wo...
  • topxbottom
  • bl
  • danmei
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twitch & aesthetics ; kth & jjk by jinx-is-sleepy
twitch & aesthetics ; kth & jjkby j i n x
"you're doing great, honey." "babe, please, stop talking." "wow, yes, sweetie you're working it." "bABE." ;; in which jungkook i...
  • bts
  • jjk
  • cute
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Male reader x Fem Various by XxFatPiexX
Male reader x Fem Variousby FatPie
Some x-inserts enough said Also just in case I own nothing.
  • fanfiction
  • anime
  • lemon
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Crankgameplays Imagines by Heather1512
Crankgameplays Imaginesby Heather
Some imagines about the not-so-blue boy! Imagines may also be found on my tumblr: pastanestor Book cover by: @lazzyleni
  • imagines
  • fanfic
  • blueboy
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She's a Gamer?!(completed) by JerikaShiz
She's a Gamer?!(completed)by JerikaShiz
Jake Paul is playing video games with Chance Sutton and Anthony Trujillo when they all get killed by someone named TrickyRik, they thought it was a boy but it actually w...
  • popular
  • love
  • highschool
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None the Worse [BxB] by YourRoyalDeadness
None the Worse [BxB]by glyn
Benjamin has freckles. Thijmen has a knife. Their one thing in common? Having to live under the same roof. Every year, as part of a school program, a "troubled teen...
  • delinquent
  • allboysschool
  • highschool
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Devotion (John Seed) by we_all_have_secrets_
Devotion (John Seed)by Daxton Winchester
The Seeds knew that the deputy would be trouble as soon as she landed in Hope County, no matter how innocent she looked. Yet when John first laid his eyes on her, someth...
  • jacobseed
  • edens
  • deputy
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The Old Hunter(Attack On Titan X Male Bloodborne Hunter) by KazumaItsuka
The Old Hunter(Attack On Titan X Maverick
While in the Hunter's Dream,Y/N discovers a nightmarish fog and what's on the other side is unknown.
  • hange
  • sasha
  • aot
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thots // finn wolfhard [EDITING] by 1-800-BUCKYBEAVER
thots // finn wolfhard [EDITING]by leeyuh
this book is courtesy of @1-800-BUCKYBEAVER
  • itcast
  • gaming
  • idkanymore
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King's Resolve(Senran Kagura Girls X King Lucis Male Reader)(Discontinued) by KazumaItsuka
King's Resolve(Senran Kagura Maverick
Y/N Lucis Caelum was the new King of Insomnia after Noctis had sacrificed himself to destroy The Scourge and returned the light to the world.Y/N travelled the world and...
  • senrankagura
  • harem
  • finalfantasy
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World Gate Online by ImWattAddict2468
World Gate Onlineby WattyAddict1357
Lucas Lauwers, an ordinary college student submits an entry for the lottery to win the very first virtual gaming device and game on a whim and wins! He played the game f...
  • games
  • watty1357
  • comedy
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Waiting For You Online  by goodfemale
Waiting For You Online by Bliss
At the age of 15, He Jin found himself a "husband" in an online game, their love was filled with loving affection and sweetness. However, because his study was...
  • schoollife
  • online
  • virtualreality
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(Ohmwrecker x Reader) That One Giggle by NinjaChick456
(Ohmwrecker x Reader) That One NinjaChick456
You meet Ryan (Ohmwrecker) and at first don't know what to think of him. You are caught robbing a bank when you run into him and you are forced to go with him. It is onl...
  • ohmy
  • ohmie
  • ineedhelp
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The Solitary Sword Sovereign #featured by theonionjunktion
The Solitary Sword Sovereign The Onion Junktion
For more chapters go to _________________________________________________________________________ One day, eve...
  • adventure
  • postapocalyptic
  • sci-fi
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Drown (Markiplier x Reader) by lanascoast
Drown (Markiplier x Reader)by 💫
where mark helps you trigger warning: self-harm, suicide and suicidal thoughts, depression lower case intended (kind of a drabble and most of the character's ideas/thoug...
  • youtube
  • youtuber
  • gaming
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