Chapter Three: Warning

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"Meeting you was fate,
becoming your friend was a choice,
but falling in love with you was beyond my control."

Chapter Three, Warning
Lady Aphmau's POV

Even if Garroth told me that he can't be my friend. I still call him a friend. Because screw the Knights! Heh, sorry Dad.

I really did hope I could have a friend. Yeah, everyone wants to be friends with me... but that's because I'm a princess. They want to be friends with me because I'm rich, and so they could become famous. My father had warned me about people like this. And I really don't have anyone who doesn't want to be my friend  just because I'm a Princess. Maybe Kawaii-Chan but that's all. I want someone who likes me for me. Guess that'll never happen... I'm currently sitting in my room, as always. I look around, hoping for something to entertain myself. My eyes land on my window. The same exact window Bolin was assassinated.

"That arrow was for me. Not him. He didn't deserve to die, he made everyone smile. Meanwhile I just being frustration to everyone, even my father and Garroth. I should've died. Whoever this assassinator is, he must've had relations with my mother." Why? Because she too was shot with an arrow as well, but in the heart.

"What did you just say?" a voice said behind me. I turn around, confused. I saw Garroth at the door. His fist clenched, what's he so mad about? Wait...

I said that out stuff out loud didn't I? Well shi-

"WHAT DID YOU JUST SAY?!" Garroth says demandingly. He was about to grab hold of my wrist, but he stopped and looked at me..
Garroth sighs and rubs his temple. I can faintly hear him muttering to himself and sighs once more.

I'm terrified. Was he gonna hurt me? Why do I feel like crying? I-I'm so confused.. Why am I sad? Something that hasn't gone down my face for a long time came back. And those are called tears.

Finally Garroth looks at me, I try to stop crying but I couldn't. He finally starts talking

"Why...why would you say something like that Lady Aphmau? Do you know how many people want to be you?! You're a beautiful,funny, and charming girl! Why would you say something like that!" Garroth says trying not to scream at me.

He's right. Yet there's so many questions I have. Why would they want to kill my mom and I? How did the assassinator miss? And did he just...? I'll ask that at a better time..

"I-I don't know. Okay? I was just really depressed. That window... It always makes me feel like this. It always makes me wanna ask questions about my mom and Bolin. I'm sorry for saying that..." Garroth looks at me and he just sighs and leans against my door.

"I'm sorry for screaming at you Lady Aphmau. That wasn't right of me. I will not make that same mistake. I already got a warning from The King and I'll try to avoid situations like this again." Garroth says bowing down to me.

He stands up and speaks again. He's such a chatty person I swear...

"By the way, would you like me to request The King for a new room? If that window gives you memories of such, I'll send a request." he's so caring... I just...

Wait. Aph. Stop. No. Bad. He's. Freaking. 25. Why.

"That would be nice, but no. I do want to get out of this room. It gives me too many bad memories.... But I think it's better for me to ask. You know, cause I'm His daughter and all.. And... You got a warning? For what? Was it for... Never mind, I already know..I'm sorry..." I say trying not to sound super awkward.

He chuckles and that just makes me wanna smile. Hearing his voice and him laughing...


"That's great for you to talk with Him. I'll be by your side as always. Also, no worries. He just warned me to not get catfished by your over exaggeration."

Geez thanks Dad...

"Garroth, when you told me about you know how I shouldn't have said that THING.. Well, did you call me beautiful, funny, and charming? OoOooOooh has my personal Knight fallen in love with mwah?" I snicker.

Garroth snaps at me and says

"Idiot. That was only to make you feel better. And just to remind you, I'm 25. You're 17."

Wow he's such a rude knight.

"My heart is perfect,
because you are inside."

Third Person POV

When Lady Aphmau walks to her Father's Throne, she bows.

"Father, also Your Highness.. Um.. I would like to personally ask if I may switch rooms.."

Garroth stands next to the door *as always*

The King looks at Aphmau, rubbing his chin.


"Well My Daughter, may I ask the reason why?"

Aphmau hesitates and stutters while she talks.

"The window.. It gives me too many memories of Mom and Bolin..."

The King's eyes sparkles when he hears the word "Mom" He really did miss her and the word "Mom" gave himself memories of the great time they had together. He wouldn't want his daughter to be scarred by such reasons.

He ponders for a quite while and responds with a simple yet mature nod.

"Yes, you may switch rooms. Is this your final demand?"

Aphmau jumps up and was about to scream out "Thank you" but then realizes that this isn't Garroth and clears her throat.

"Uhhh.. Th-Thank you Father.."

The King smiles and chooses the room for his daughter.

As Aphmau leaves her Father's Throne Room, she jumps and squeals in delight. The King smiles and his daughter, but after Aphmau leaves, Garroth approaches The King.

"My Lord, as I checked up on Lady Aphmau she had said that the assassination of Bolin must have been linked with her mother. Sire shall we worry about Princess Aphmau taking about this?" Garroth says maturely and seriously.

The King becomes very serious and replies

"As long as she doesn't talk about this to the Kingdom of Phoenix Drop, we are in no harm. Keep an eye on her, I thank you for telling me Garroth."

Garroth nods and leaves checking in once more once more on Aphmau.

What they didn't know was a certain...shadow knight was watching the whole conflict.

Whoaaaaaaaa! Who could the Shadow Knight?! I WONDERRR HMMMMMM HMMMMM HMMMMMM yea okay I should stop. Anyways hope you guys enjoyed this chapter and enjoy those little love quotes :3 I really like those so hue.

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