Chapter Twenty-Six: In Love

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Garroth's POV

This Nicole is making me pretty ticked off. She can't just take Aph like that. Plus, I bet the King doesn't even know about this. She's seriously going to get Aph in trouble, and it'll be all her fault. And I doubt she'll say it's hers. I'm supposed to be watching Aph, who does she think she is?! I came her first and I will be the one to decide if Aph can hang out with her. Aph needs to understand discipline and who can decide if she can hang out with some certain people, but Nicole is an absolutely not. She just keeps taking Aphmau away from me, leaving me alone!

As I was waiting outside Aphmau came out and instantly frowned. She knew I was angry. I scold her and of course, Nicole comes out, interrupting. She asks if she was interrupting and I as was about to say yes, Aphmau shakes her head and smiles. Why?! She obviously is. Nicole just moved in and is completely taking over Aphmau. I need to watch her and care for her, but with Nicole around, that cannot be done!

Nicole laughs and drags Aphmau to the hill where Aph laid her head on my shoulder. And where Laurence tried asking out Aphmau, but couldn't. The hill...where we first met. I still remember that day like it was yesterday. It's still amazing how we met, I will never forget that day. It's funny, when I wasn't that close to her I wanted to absolutely forget that day. Now, I want to treasure it forever.


I was assigned to protect the Princess, or Lady Aphmau. I heard what was going on in her life and I accepted immediately. No lady should ever have that happen to her. Apparently she request to meet at a hill, one where you can view the Kingdom. Yes, it wasn't really a hill, more like a mountain. Yet, the Queen always called it a hill and hung out there. I completely understand why Lady Aphmau would want to meet there.

As I was walking up, I saw a young lady. Her hair was flowing in the wind and her dress made her look stunning. Or well, from behind. She was viewing the Kingdom and I couldn't see her face. And no, I was not staring..there. That's rude and impolite. She turns around and blushes.

"How long have you been standing there? You weren't..doing anything right?" Her eyes were sparkling with life. She wore a dead flower crown, it looked really old too. She's quite strange. I shake my head and reach out my hand.

"I just got here Your Highness, my name is Garroth and I will be Your Personal Knight." She smiles softly and walks over to shake my head. She didn't notice a little rock and fell over. I too fell over for some reason and a light figure was on top of me. It was her. Thankfully for the helm, she didn't see me turn into a tomato. Yet unlike me, she didn't have a helm. She was completely red and stuttered a lot just trying to say sorry.

--End of Flashback--

She was adorable, cute, insecure, and shy that day. Now...she's absolutely different.

She's still adorable and cute. Yet now she's strong-hearted, caring, loving, funny, courageous, and brave.

Wait what am I saying? Maybe...Laurence is right... That.....







I Like Aphmau.

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