Chapter Nineteen: Anger or Despair

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Let's talk about the restoring of the Kingdom shall we?

Everyone that survived the attack was now restoring the Kingdom back to what it was, but better. Since many homes and shops were destroyed, they decided to make their Kingdom a little more...attractive in a way.

Kawaii-Chan was able to make her place bigger, and it also was one of the tallest buildings in the kingdom.

Emmalyn now has the largest library.

A barn was made for Kiki and her animals.

The guard station was full of new weapons and many more cells for prisoners.

A lot in the Kingdom had improved but the thing that was mostly improved, was the plaza.

It had a gigantic painting of the past Queen and also had new stations where people can set up and sell items there.

The Kingdom was amazingly improved but what hasn't improved was Aphmau. She wouldn't want to talk to anyone, nor would she like to see anyone. All she would do was read,read, and read. She was terrified of being Queen and had to learn as much as she can of Monarchy. She was also reading about The Shadow Lord, she was suspicious about them when Aphmau over heard Garroth and her Father talk about them.

She thought that they would be the ones to attack their Kingdom, that or Zane. Most likely The Shadow Lord of course. She asked many questions about the Shadow Lord in her Kingdom, and all replied saying that it's just a children myth, but Aphmau believed otherwise.

She didn't tell anyone.....except Laurence about her research or investigation as you would call it.

Laurence didn't really believe her but only pretended to so she can get her mind off of Garroth and hang out with him for once.

Speaking of Garroth, he spent three days there helping, Aphmau thought he was staying, but he actually wasn't. Garroth wanted to tell her, but didn't want to see her sad face...or even worse her mad face. Today was Garroth's last day at Phoenix Drop and Zane will be picking him up to assure that the deal is still on.

Right now, Garroth is in the current situation of telling Aphmau about this, but before that,Garroth made his will just in case..she gets mad...

Now to begin..

Garroth walks through the Castle, looking for Aphmau. He didn't have his helmet so this time you could see how nervous or scared he was. He asked around leaving his voice usually cracking because of fear. He didn't know who it will be. Wrath of Aph or Despair of Aph? Who knows!?

Everyone he asked, didn't know where Aphmau was. Even Dale! Disappointing considering he is the Head Knight while Garroth is away. His last hope, was Laurnece or The King. To avoid questions, Garroth asked Laurence.

Laurence laughs and points to a new entirely new to the Castle. Garroth blushes and scratches his head, that's the only room he didn't look in. As he walks away Laurence says something.

"You don't have to be so afraid. I bet she'll just be plain serious about it. Nothing mad or sad. She's growing up, turning Queen next year."

Garroth's jaw immediately drops. He had no idea she was going to be Queen. Even though he didn't want to be King, he really wanted to be Aphmau's King. Garroth realizes how long he spent there, shocked out of his mind, instead of telling Aphmau.

He clears his throat and enters the room.

Tension was heated in the room and nothing else was paid attention to, just only....

A Princess and A Prince

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