Chapter 52

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"Hey, I don't understand how the last video was supposed to be fun for me and my brother," TCF! Hannah bluntly asked the panda who sheepishly smiled. "I thought I knew what it was but it ended up simply being a shopping spree for that guy and his children."

"I was wrong, it was this one," Adalie said with a small bow. "I'm sorry."

"It's fine," TBOAH! Jack smiled kindly as the screen turned on.

Chapter 191 – A Small Goal (6)

The bishop remained silent.

"The bishop?" TBOAH! Hannah murmured before realization crossed her face. "So you're finally correct, it is this one! I'm sure I'll enjoy it although not as much as an ocean of red. But..."

She never continued as TCF! Cale pretended he heard nothing. 

Really, is he one of the only few sane ones in the room left?

He was sure at least half of the room was sane before they entered this cursed place.

All he did was look at Cale up and down repeatedly.

Some frowned, not liking how the bishop looked at TCF! Cale.

"He should stop before I pluck his eyes out when we get back," Eruhaben mumbled.

"Let him be," Rok Soo said, surprising many. 

"Rok Soo?" Jung Soo asked in confusion.

"What?" Rok Soo asked.

"Why are you defending that thing?" Soo Hyuk continued to question.

"Oh," realization hit Rok Soo as he laughed. 

"Isn't it obvious? That man, or thing depending on your perspective, probably never saw someone as handsome and beautiful as our dear little brother so he would definitely want to appreciate such beauty which is completely fine. However," here, Rok Soo's smile became sharp. "that is if he is simply staring to appreciate. Any ill motive, no matter how small, should be immediately disposed, no?"

Many nodded in agreement, agreeing.

"Oh! Hyung is right." TBOAH! Basen agreed. 

"Yes, we shouldn't deprive others of such a splendid scene." TBOAH! Clopeh nodded in agreement with his other self.

On the side, both versions of Hannah and Jack were quietly whispering to each other.

They could hear the auctioneer's voice from beyond the curtain.

"The first item is a fountain pen with a beautiful feather. The feather is, as expected, the remains of a beautiful Beast person."

The beast people and those who loves life in general frowned in disgust, making sure to remember the faces of the host and those joining the auction.

The voice was loud enough to break the silence in terrace 1.

"How much do you want?"

A dry voice echoed inside the terrace. 

Both versions of Jack and Hannah slightly flinched, surprised to hear the voice.

"What an ugly voice," On, who noticed this, immediately said with a frown.

"He has an uglier face," Hong followed his sister.

"He has the ugliest heart," the shield said before slightly pouting. "is what I'd like to say but there will always be someone with an uglier heart like those people over there."

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