Chapter 33

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"How many more episodes must we watch, panda." TCF! White Star asked with a yawn, bored out of his mind. "I thought we only had to watch ten or so episodes."

No one said anything but looked at Adalie with curiosity, also wanting to know the answer, especially TCF! Cale.

"Secret." Adalie said before looking at TCF! Cale with a wicked smile. "All I will say is that we aren't even finished with a fourth of it." 

The looks on everyone's face was funny but Adalie enjoyed the one TCF! Cale made the most.

'Revenge is really sweet~' she thought with a blissful smile as she played the screen.

Chapter 130: Not Scared (1)

– Definitely worth a try.

Alberu seemed to be a bit excited.

"It's my first time seeing the prince so excited." TBOAH! Choi Han murmured with a thoughtful look.

'Am I really friends with the prince when I have never seen any of his reactions except the usual smile?' TBOAH! Choi Han thought with a frown. 'He never even told me he was a dark elf.'

TBOAH! Choi Han didn't know why but his heart suddenly ached while he felt lonely.

'Was I the selfish one who thought we were friends without getting his approval?' TBOAH! Choi Han thought before shaking his head and focusing on the screen, ignoring the looks he was getting. There was no need to dwell in the past - all he needs to do is to become someone better and more trustworthy.

– You're telling me something refreshing, albeit annoying, for the first time in a while.

Cale nodded his head.

"That is true. I don't only pass the headaches to you."

"No. Everything you pass to me includes headaches, whether major or minor." TCF! Alberu immediately said.

"No it isn't!" TCF! Cale denied. "I gave you a drago-." 

"Which you made him pay for." TBOAH! Alberu said, not wanting to see his other self get bullied.

"I-" unfortunately, TCF! Cale was interrupted again.

"Just admit defeat, Cale." Jung Soo said with a teasing grin. "In fact, if I didn't learn beforehand, I would have assumed you were the crown prince."  

"True." Rok Soo agreed. "You kept ordering him around, after all."

Alberu naturally scoffed. He had never seen anybody who had more incidents revolving around them than Cale Henituse. At Cale's level, it was pretty much fate.

Everyone, even the enemies, nod.

'I lived for hundreds of years and I never encountered much problems.' TBOAH! White Star thought. 'He only lived less than a hundred years and he had experienced so much already.'

TBOAH! White Star stopped his train of thoughts as his eyes unconsciously widened.

'Am I...pitying my enemy right now?' he thought with disgust. 'This place isn't safe, it's changing me.'

However, Alberu did not share his thoughts. Instead, he shared the information he needed to share with Cale.

"Oh my, how generous crown prince." TBOAH! Ron said as he shot the prince his usual benign smile which caused the prince to look away.

'Aren't I the crown prince?' TCF! Alberu thought bitterly. 'Why am I being treated like this?'

– The prisoner you sent over is being interrogated by my aunt right now.

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