Chapter 11

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 The next day, when Adalie entered the room, she saw everyone eating Korean food.

"What?" she unconsciously blurted out, shocked that they are eating food not from their world. "How did this..."

"Beacrox wanted to know what we eat on Earth and somehow, everyone became curious so Cale-nim decided to try and see if we can eat Korean food and the results are what you see." TCF! Choi Han explained while eating kimchi. 

"I...see." Adalie nod before going to her seat and thinking of ramen to eat. "Well, let's start, I guess."

Chapter 11: Picked it up (5)

Tap. Tap. Even at the rough patting, the baby kittens could only stiffly stare at Cale. Cale thought about the moment when he first met Choi Han. The injured silver kitten was growling while the red kitten was whining next to it.

"We were scared of what you would do to us." On said while eating. "All of the ones we met were mean and cruel."

Many looked at the kitties in sadness while TCF! Cale was wondering when he would start his plan.

'The silver kitten should be the older sister with grey hair and the younger brother must be the red kitten.'

Cale had a bright smile on his face. He looked toward the kittens and started to speak.

"We'll talk later."

The siblings who seemed to be beast people avoided his gaze and Hans confusingly replied.

"...Are you talking to me?"
"Not you."

"So that's what happened." TCF! Hans said. "I thought young master was going crazy for talking to the cats or to someone not there."

TCF! Cale just glared at him, sulking a little when the Koreans (not including both Choi Hans) and TBOAH! Cale laugh.

Hans looked at Cale and the two kittens with an even more confused expression on his face, before holding the kittens even tighter. It was a movement that seemed to show that he was trying to avoid a dangerous person.

TCF! Cale's glared harder. 

 However, he soon had to approach Cale once again.

"Are you heading back out?"


It was because Cale changed his coat and was preparing to leave again.

"Where will you be going?"

"I have a promise to keep and someone to meet."

"...Young master, you are going to keep a promise?"

"Wow, he's becoming bolder by the minute." TBOAH! Hannah said with a small whistle. "And he's still not fired?"

"Close." TCF! Cale said. "One more and he's out."

"Young master~" TCF! Hans whined.

Hans looked to be shocked again, as he questioned Cale.

"You seem to be getting ruder."

"My apologies."

The deputy butler's apology was very quick.

'Is he really the best of the butler candidates? He seemed decent by the way he handled Choi Han's issue.'

"Oh, thank you, young master!" TCF! Hans said with a smile. "And, yes, I am the best candidate according to the Count and from what we watched so far."

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