Chapter 20

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"I'm, ba-" Adalie quickly pulled up a shield around her to block a strong fire attack. When she looked up, she saw the angry face of TCF! Cale with a laughing fire of destruction by his side.

"Hahaha, hi!" Adalie greeted as she looked around. "I'm back. Seeing as how nothing is broken and there is no bad blood between anyone, good job Cale!"

"You little sh-" Adalie interrupted him with a small cough.

"You don't curse in front of children, Cale!" she scolded with her hands on her lips before going to her seat and sitting down. "Anyway, let's watch the next episode!"

She played the episode, not minding the attacks TCF! Cale was doing since her shield was very strong.

Chapter 94: If I have to move (4)

Their flying speed increased a bit. Raon started to speak at that moment.

"That Whale is pretty good too."

'That Whale?'

Cale looked down again.

There was a woman darting through the parted water.

"The small Whale is sort of good too."

There was a man following behind her.

"Thank you for the compliment, dragon-nim!" both TCF! Witira and Paseton said with happiness, glad that a dragon was praising their strengths.

"How about me?!" TCF! Archie asked, feeling left out.

"You're fun to ride." Raon said, earning tons of laughter from people and a blush of embarrassment from TCF! Archie.

Meanwhile, TBOAH ! Witira vow to become stronger like her counterpart (maybe even stronger) and be praised by a dragon, too. TBOAH! Archie, on the other hand, was laughing and rolling on the floor, not being able to control himself after hearing what the dragon said to his other self.

"F-fun to r-ride, he said." TBOAH! Archie laughingly said, gasping for air when he felt himself loose oxygen. "Why...why the fuck did he say that? Did you...give...him a ride or something?!"

"Shut up!" TCF! Archie yelled while kicking his other self, his face red with embarrassment.

The two were rushing forward while spraying blood as Cale had expected, quickly rushing toward their targets.

"Choi Han."
"Yes Cale-nim?"
"Watch them carefully."

Choi Han continued to observe without answering back.


Witira's whip clashed against the swordsman's sword that was covered in her golden aura.


A blue light was around Witira's whip. It was the unique power of the Whales, utilizing the power of the ocean to attack. Witira's blue aura was just as strong as the swordsman's golden aura, which made it very obvious that she was fooling around when battling against Toonka.

"One day, I will make you fight me with all your strength and win against you!" TCF! Toonka said with a determined gaze. He said one day because he knew he was still weak; meeting TCF! Cale brought out all his weaknesses.

(Character development for TCF! Toonka, here we go!)

"Don't worry. Choi Han will not lose. Rosalyn will not lose either."

"Thank you for the vote of confidence, dragon-nim." TCF! Rosalyn said with a smile as her other self looked at her in envy.

"I will make sure to grow stronger and win all the battles, Raon-nim!" TCF! Choi Han said with a bright look as his other self wondered if TCF! Choi Han was still him.

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