Chapter 12

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Adalie waited until everyone stopped laughing (which took fifteen minutes) before playing the next episode.

Chapter 13: Picked It Up (6)

But behind that satisfaction, Cale suddenly felt chills on the back of his neck. It was because Ron drank the lemon tea without any complaints.

TBOAH! Cale and Rok Soo looked at the TCF! Cale on screen in pity, knowing how scary Ron, in any world, is.

"I guess we should applaud you for being... brave enough to do... that?" Rok Soo hesitated in the end, seeing that each word he said made TCF! Cale more and more embarrassed.


Why did the sound of the teacup being placed on the table feel so loud? Thankfully, it was not just Cale being paranoid. Choi Han, who had been quietly enjoying his tea, started to frown.

"Why don't you enjoy your tea a little more quietly?"

Ron held back his laughter after seeing Choi Han take a peek at Cale before speaking in a more respectful tone to him.

TCF! Cale looked at TCF! Choi Han who only smiled innocently before shrugging, not caring at anything at all. When he stopped looking, TCF! Choi Han immediately glared at TCF! Ron who only smiled.

Today, he had found a decently useful sword for Choi Han. It was a sword made by the same blacksmith as the one who made Beacrox's cooking knife.

'Want to try it out?'
'I will not fight against someone who is trying to cut someone else with a cooking knife.'

"I don't cut anyone with my cooking knife." TCF! Beacrox said with TBOAH! Beacrox nodding in agreement.

"I have a different set for that." TBOAH! Beacrox continued.

His son, Beacrox, kept nagging Choi Han to fight him with that sword. It was because Beacrox learned a bit about Choi Han's strength from that short bout last time, and wanted to find out more. However, Choi Han continued to reject him.

'Ho, what a funny punk. What, do I need to bring a bloodied sword like you?'

Choi Han closed his eyes for a moment before opening them back up and responded to Beacrox as if he was confirming it for himself.

'I, I will now be someone who protects. He said even I could do it.'
'What the heck are you saying?'

Ron watched his son and Choi Han's cute bickering, before following Choi Han to come see Cale. He didn't expect to hear such a precious thing.

'I can't live as a trash forever.'

That was what Ron was thinking about as he drank the lemon tea. But it looked like he was glaring at Choi Han. Cale was watching that scene with satisfaction.

"So you weren't glaring at me?" TCF! Choi Han asked with a blink. 

TCF! Ron didn't answer but only smiled benignly, silently cursing that his thoughts were revealed. It annoyed him since it made him feel... dare he say it, vulnerable which he hasn't felt since the time where he was forced to run away with his son.

Ron and Choi Han's relationship in 'The Birth of a Hero' was just like this. They were always at each other's throats, but still continued to travel together. They were tied together by a contract, but they both knew they could also rely on one another.

TBOAH! Choi Han and TBOAH! Ron begrudgingly agreed.

Cale thought that a lot of things got twisted because of his actions to not get beaten up, but it looked like their relationship was forming in a similar manner.

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