Chapter 15

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There was no conversation as the next scene played with Sheritt still asleep on her seat.

Chapter 20: Saw a dragon (3)

After coming out of the prison, Cale put the dragon down in front of the two kittens.

"That looks like it hurts."
"So sad."

On and Hong circled around the still silent dragon. 

"It wasn't that painful, Goldie Gramps!" Raon said when he noticed Eruhaben tightening his grip. "I experienced worst!"

"That doesn't make it better." Eruhaben said while gritting his teeth in anger. 

The dragon started to show its teeth and growl at them. This was probably the first time in its life it ever saw anything other than humans.

"It surprised me to see any life other than humans." Raon agreed. "And it shocked me that they were travelling with a human."

Cale verified the time on his watch. It looked like they had just enough time to escape.

"It looks like it hurts."

On approached Cale and tapped his leg. She seemed to be thinking about the potion Cale brought in his magic box. She couldn't ask him for it, so she could only act this way.

"Hold on."

"Why?" TCF! Lily asked in confusion. "Isn't it better to use it now?"

"You'll see." TCF! Cale told his younger sister gently.

Cale had brought that potion to use it. However, he needed to wait until the mana restriction chains were off. The potion would only work properly if the mana, which was practically as important as a dragon's heart, was no longer restricted.

"Oh~" TCF! Lily said in understanding before looking at TCF! Cale with awe. "You're so smart, Oraboni!" 

"A-ah...thanks." TCF! Cale said with a small smile, not used to being praised.

"Hehehe, of course he's smart!" Jung Soo said with a teasing glint in his eyes. "He was always the brains of our plans. Without him, we and our team would have died way earlier."

"Yes, and considering that he will become a commander in the future, I think your fate will always be a strategist, Cale." Soo Hyuk said with the same teasing tone as Jung Soo.  

"Goodbye, slacker life." Rok Soo joined the teasing. 

"Although I never ended up with you, it still hurts me to bid you farewell." TBOAH! Cale was next to tease TCF! Cale who started frowning.

"Ahh, It's saddening to see it fly awa-" TCF! Cale interrupted Jung Soo.

"I don't know what any of you are on about," he started with a frown. "but I will get my slacker life in the future without any doubt."

"When you're in your eighties maybe." Rok Soo said. "Based on your actions."

"I-" TCF! Cale was interrupted by the super rock.

"Face it, Cale, you are a trouble magnet." he said which silenced TCF! Cale who remembered all the scenes they just watched and his current life.

'I might be a little.' he thought with hesitance. 'Still, I will get my slacker life.'

Cale started to head toward the opposite side of the prison, the location the torturer seemed to be guarding. It wasn't very loud, but he could hear Choi Han fighting in the distance. Cale presumed that Choi Han's battle would end soon as well.

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