Special (2/3)

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Happy New Year everyone! 

Fun fact: After writing this chapter, I learned that Wattpad gets laggy when the words exceed 10,000.


"Welcome back, everyone! Enjoyed your break?" Adalie asked when she arrived and everyone was on their seats. "I hope you managed to calm your hearts because the next five scenes are  going to be very intense and long."

"Five?!" TCF! Cale said in shock. "You said two before!"

"Yeah." Adalie nod. "Two more special videos which consists of two different scenes for today and three for tomorrow."

"Can I leave?" TCF! Jack meekly asked but was rejected by Adalie, making him clench his hands together in a prayer for him to survive the next scenes.

"Don't worry, it will be a fun one!" Adalie said, trying to cheer them all up. When she saw her words helped no one, she pouted and just began the video.

Title: Throwing Money Part 2

Many groaned at the title, preparing themselves to feel poor again, even the royalties.  

"I really hope it isn't my money your going to throw this time or so help me I will make you prime minister." TCF! Alberu threatened TCF! Cale who paled and silently hoped it wasn't the prince's money because as much as he likes using other people's money, he didn't want to sacrifice his slacker life for it.

"Why would throwing money away be...?"

The ancient Dragon Eruhaben casually responded back to Raon.

"I threw away a lot of money when I was curious about the world too. It's a good experience to use as much money as you want as well."

"My future self is mistaken." Eruhaben said before anyone could stare at him like they do to TCF! Cale. "I only threw some money compared to that unlucky bastard."

'You still threw money away, though.' many thought incredulously but having no courage to say that in front of a dragon.

Cale was thinking that this calm ancient Dragon was probably no joke when he was younger as well.

"True." Mila nod, ignoring the look Eruhaben gave her.

Raon seemed to have snapped out of it as he started to speak in Cale's mind again.

– ...Oh Goldie, that's not it. Human! Goldie gramps doesn't seem to understand your shockingly exciting action!

"Did Raon consider Cale's actions as exciting?" Sheritt asked in worry. "Please don't tell me he will grow up like Cale and be wasteful."

Adalie only smiled with her eyes closed, not having the heart to tell the mother that yes, her son has been influenced by TCF! Cale in... weird things like looting bad guys. 

Eruhaben then asked Cale a question.

"When will you do it?"

Eruhaben thought Cale was going to spend a ton of money when he said that he was going to throw it away.

'Using money at night... Is he going to drink some expensive alcohol? I thought he was going to go buy a couple mountains or something.

"Why would I buy a couple mountains?" TCF! Cale asked in wonder. "I have no use for it."

"Well, you do quite a lot of weird stuff, young master Cale." TCF! Rosalyn said with a smile. 

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