Chapter 2

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"Hi, everyone!" Adalie said with a wave as she randomly appeared with an orange smoke in her previous seat besides TCF! Cale. "Can we start chapter 2, now?"

"Sure." TCF! Cale agreed from his chair as everyone returned to their seats as a form of silent agreement.

"Then, let's begin!" with that statement from Adalie, the screen lit up and words started to appear.

Chapter 2: When they met (2)

Cale looked around at all of the dishes in front of him. He then moved his fork towards a salad made of fruits that he did not recognize. After filling his stomach with meat, soup, and bread, he wanted to try something new.
The fruit looked like an orange, but the color was closer to that of grapes. Cale put the fruit in his mouth and took a bite.


In that instant, sweet fruit juice filled his mouth. He really hated sour fruits, so this extremely sweet flavor in his mouth made him subconsciously start to drool.

At that moment, he made eye contact with his father Deruth, who was looking at him.


Deruth quietly called Cale's name before hesitating. He then started to frown and move his mouth. Cale did not like that awkward atmosphere and started to speak.

"It's delicious."

"Yes, it tastes like trash...huh? Did you say it is delicious?"

"Yes. Everything tastes wonderful."

"We really should teach this brother of ours on how to be trash, right?" Rok Soo asked TBOAH! Cale who nod in agreement.

"True, our reputation will change at this rate." TBOAH! Cale said with a frown. "All our hard work, down the drain because someone can't act like how he's supposed to."

"Brother?" Soo Hyuk asked in curiosity.

"Well, the three of us are basically one, just from different timelines so might as well act like a family, right?" Rok Soo shrugged, not noticing that everyone turned their attention to them.

"I didn't agree." TCF! Cale said when he saw Jung Soo about to complain on how TCF! Cale wouldn't call him brother.

"Denial will bring you nowhere, brother." TBOAH! Cale said mischievously as Jung Soo agreed wholeheartedly.

Cale picked up a different fruit this time and smiled after tasting the sweetness in his mouth once again. The trash, Cale Henituse, never cared for etiquette anyways.

"Well, that was the entire point of being a trash." TBOAH! Cale said with a sigh.

He probably shouldn't do this while speaking with his father, the head of the household, but whatever. He's just trash in the first place.

'It really is best to be the trash.'

The two Cales and Rok Soo agreed wholeheartedly which made everyone sweatdrop at their similarities.

"I wonder if the god of Death chose Kim Rok Soo to go to our world because of their similarities." TCF! Duke Fredo wondered out loud from the farthest back and darkest side of the room while everyone agreed. They were so similar it wouldn't be weird to call them twins.

Nobody really cared no matter what he did. As long as he can prevent himself from getting beaten up by the main character, it will be a good life.

"Exactly." TCF! Cale nod with a smile as TCF! Choi Han sighed in disbelief.

As Cale expected, nobody criticized his lack of manners. In fact, Deruth actually had a smile on his face as he started to nod his head.

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