Chapter 25

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"So, since we already finished watching the scene where TCF! Cale grabs the fire of destruction, the power he believed to be the 'last' ancient power he needs, we are going to skip that and show you what happened after he got it." Adalie explained while sitting down comfortably before playing the screen, no one trying to speak as they were trying to stop the said memory from resurging.

Chapter 111: Scary (4)

But there was another individual responding to Cale other than Pendrick.

"Hoh?" Eruhaben said in interest, curious as to how Pendrick, the elf he cared the most, and TCF! Cale, the unlucky bastard he secretly grew fond of, met.

– Human, I know who he is! Do you want to know? He was the Elf that stood behind the Elf that talked to you in the inn! I remember everything because I am a great and mighty Dragon!

"You two already met?" TBOAH! Adite asked curiously before turning to Adalie. "But we didn't see it."

"Oh, I skipped that part because nothing much happened." Adalie explained. However, when she saw the curious eyes of the elves in the room and Eruhaben, she decided to give a brief summary. "Okay, so basicall-"

"Just show it to us." Rasheel said impatiently while warily glancing at Eruhaben who narrowed his eyes. Adalie was about to scold him for ordering her around (Pandas have pride, too, you know!) but followed obediently when she saw goldie gramps frowning.

"Okay, I'll show you all how the meeting went." Adalie said before pressing random buttons on the remote.

Cale was already walking toward the stairs to the third floor. Choi Han followed behind him with an odd expression on his face. He thought Cale must be really tired, as he had a stiff expression.

No one bothered saying anything, having learned that TCF! Cale was an excellent, no, the personification of misunderstanding.

– Human, where are you going without me? You look pale! Are you sick? Should I come over?

'No, don't come. Please don't come.'

Cale cautiously shook his head before taking a step up the staircase.

Pendrick looked bashful after hearing TCF! Cale's thoughts. It seems the young master hated the thought of them approaching him, most probably because he knew they would only bring trouble. Which, in a way, was correct because Pendrick did ask TCF! Cale to save the elf village.

It was at that moment.

He heard something from right behind him.

"Ah, hey mister, are you drunk? Why do you keep bumping into people?"
"I'm truly sorry. He is usually not like this."

Yes, it was from right behind him.

Cale heard something bumping behind him at the same time as the discussion. Cale clenched onto the rail of the staircase.

'Why is he coming to me when he has an Elemental?'

Cale found this to be odd. The Elemental should have recognized the spinning Raon, so why was the Elf headed toward him? Did Raon's scent get on him because Raon always stuck to him?

"You really don't like trouble, huh." TBOAH! Archie commented with a wry smile. It was funny in the beginning at how TCF! Cale kept causing misunderstandings but it was now becoming too repetitive and he started feeling bad for the young lad who only wanted to rest.

"Who would?" TCF! Cale grumbled out.

Cale quickly took another step.

"Excuse me-."

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