Chapter 32

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Seeing as no one was in the room, everyone leaving to eat or use the bathroom, Adalie stealthily left her hiding space and sat on the corner near the door to be aware if someone approaches before pulling her phone out and checking the last chapters of the novel.

"Which one should they watch next? I still want revenge on Cale for stealing all my hard earned money so I might choose the one with Clopeh but that would be too fast." Adalie mumbled while tilting her head left and right. "Oh wait, the next chapter after the one before was..."

"Cale!" suddenly, someone grabbed her and tossed her entire body on their shoulders before running towards the door with a cheery voice as Adalie paled, looking to the side to see who was grabbing her before gasping in shock.

"How could you betray me, fire!" Adalie cried out while slamming her paws on his shoulders which did nothing as she was a small panda.

"Cale promised me that he will spend 15 billion gold if I brought you to him." the fire explained in a cheerful tone. "Kakaka, here I come money!"

"I-I'll pay you double, just let me go!" Adalie bargained.

"Hoh? Are you trying to scam my power now?" a voice Adalie never wanted to hear coldly spoke as she froze, slowly turning around with tears on her eyes.

"What did I ever do to you, you cruel cruel man!" Adalie emoted.

"Should I tell you in order of the list I made?" TCF! Cale casually asked with a dangerous smile. "We might spend a couple of hours here, though."

"I-I..." Adalie stuttered before a bright smile appeared on her face. "Jokes on you, I own this place!"

With a snap of her finger, everyone suddenly appeared in the room with food in their hands. Fortunately, no one was in the bathroom or things would be awkward immediately.

"Let's all react immediately!" Adalie commanded before disappearing, breathing a sigh of relief and happiness when she heard TCF! Cale cursed.

'I'll take my revenge soon.' she viciously thought with a frown.

Chapter 129: Really A Good Person (4)

"A good person?" TBOAH! Choi Han murmured in confusion because, from what he's seen, no one in the room was qualified to be 'good'. Some can be 'decent' but good? No good person can think of taking revenge against someone else or scam them. Even Saint Jack cannot be referred to as 'good' because he is, in Choi Han's opinion, 'innocent'. The reason is because Saint Jack, if he was 'good', wouldn't have allowed his sister to live because she was, as of now, a dark being and being a Saint, Jack was supposed to follow the rules and purify her. The queen of the jungle also wasn't 'good' because she was willing to kill anyone to protect her family. So, yes, no one is 'good' in this room, only 'decent' or 'kind'.

'It was funny and ironic.' TBOAH! Choi Han thought with a sarcastic smile.

"Then what should we do now?"

"Oh, this is..." TCF! Hannah didn't continue her words but everyone understood what she meant.

"This is the first time we met, young master Cale." TCF! Jack said with a bright smile, once again feeling thankful to the young master deep in his heart.

Hannah looked toward Cale while feeling lost. Her shaking pupils seemed to be asking Cale for some answers. Unfortunately, she picked the wrong opponent.

Some people who tried ordering TCF! Cale like TCF! Alberu and some elves felt sympathy for the young woman, understanding what she must have felt when TCF! Cale replied to her.

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