Chapter 36

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"Alright." Adalie said once the episode was over, approaching both versions of the sun twins with a solemn look. "I will give you four an option on whether or not you want to watch how TCF! Mary, under the order of TCF! Cale and her own will, saved TCF! Hannah. It's perfectly fine if you don't want to relieve the pain or watch the experience at all as we can skip those episodes. It's not important for anyone here, anyway."

"I don't want to!" both versions of Jack immediately rejected. TCF! Jack had a horrified look on his face as he recalled the pained screams of his sister while TBOAH! Jack was pale, failing to keep his mind from imagining his sister's sufferings. Both versions of Hannah looked at each other briefly before looking at their respective brothers before finally gazing at Adalie who looked at them with a blank look. 

"We won't watch it." TBOAH! Hannah decided for the four, causing the two younger brothers to sigh in relief.

"I see." Adalie said with a soft smile while nodding her head before turning to look at the others who was simply looking at them, even the enemies (Adalie definitely did not threaten them to shut up and not ruin the siblings' moment). "Well, now that that is settled, I will tell you this: the next episodes are going to be about the future."

"HUH?" many exclaimed in shock, even some of the villains. 

"You were serious about that?!" TBOAH! Bud asked in surprise, almost spilling his alcohol bottle to TBOAH! Glenn. It was a good thing TBOAH! Bud was alert enough to prevent it from happening or alcohol won't be the only thing spilling. 

"Never mind that, what about my slacker life?!" TCF! Cale cried out. "And how many more fucking episodes will we watch? We're already in the hundreds!"

"Yes, I was serious about it and no, I will not tell you because everybody hates those who spoils them." Adalie cheekily explained before clapping her hands like a kid who was about to prank someone. "Now, let's watch!"

Chapter 138: Together (6)

But that show was still a long time away and there were a ton of issues to take care of prior to it.

"What?" Paseton asked in confusion as Adalie realized those who weren't there wouldn't know what was happening.

"Let's backtrack a bit." Adalie said.

Chapter 137: Together (5) {Ending part}

If they needed to hide away from the judging eyes of the world, it was now his turn to protect Hannah and keep her hidden. Both bitterness and joy were on the Saint's face at the same time.

"You idiot, you don't need to protect me just because I'm like this." TCF! Hannah said with a touched look. "I can still look over myself and you without problems."

"Still..." TCF! Jack said with a shy look. "I wanted to protect you this time because you've been protecting me for a long time now."

Meanwhile, most of the people looked at the twins with a soft look while TBOAH! Hannah was teasing her younger brother who was blushing in embarrassment.

"We will need to spend our whole lives in hiding because people will easily recognize that Hannah has the darkness attribute after seeing the scars on her face, however, it is enough that she is alive."
"Why do you need to live in hiding?"
"...Excuse me?"

The Saint thought that he did not hear Cale correctly.

"Yes, pardon?" TBOAH! Tasha said in shock, not understanding TCF! Cale's comment. "You are aware how people look down and hate those with dark attributes, right?"

"I do and I'm sure my... future self will explain his reasoning." TCF! Cale said, still a little sulky about how they haven't finished watching his life.

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