Chapter 4

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"Talking panda." TCF! White Star spoke when Adalie appeared. "How many chapters are there?"

"Spoilers!" Adailie answered, subtly glancing at TCF! Cale who looked interested.

"Probably not a lot." TCF! Cale said with a relaxed posture. "My life isn't interesting, anyway. We might actually stop after 10 chapters."

'Yeahhh.' Adalie thought with a pitiful smile. 'Hahaha...try 776 chapters and more.'

"Are we going to react to all the chapters?" TBOAH! Jopis asked.

"Well, depends." Adalie answered. "Anymore questions? None? Okay, let's start."

Chapter 4: They Met (2)

'He gets chased away from the gate early in the morning.'

"I did." TCF! Choi Han said a little sulkily as he remembers the rudeness of the guard.

Choi Han headed in the direction he remembered hearing about from the villagers after he finished burying all of his beloved villagers. He was heading toward Western City.

Choi Han had been transported to this world when he was a freshman in high school, but he had lived here for tens of years already. Of course, the fact that most of that life was spent trying to survive in the Forest of Darkness made him mature in a slightly twisted way, and, as such, he was more rational than anybody would expect after such an incident.

"Oh?" TBOAH! Clopeh, who was silent since the start, commented with a nod. "That's a good head you have."

'I need to go report this to the lord at the castle.'

Harris Village may have been a remote village, but it was still under Count Henituse's jurisdiction. That was why Choi Han headed to Western City, hoping to at least prepare a small funeral for the villagers.

He was also planning on looking for information regarding the assassins he had killed when he had lost his calm, as he was unable to ask them any questions. However, sending the dead off properly came before revenge.

'If you think about it, he really is an affectionate person.'

"He is." both versions of Rosalyn and Lock agreed as both Choi Hans blushed a little in embarrassment.

"Yeah, Choi Han is good!" Raon excitedly said while his wings flapped.

But losing all of the first people who showed him love after tens of years in the Forest of Darkness at once made it impossible for Choi Han's mind to not become twisted. In the novel, that was when Cale messes with Choi Han and touches a nerve. He remembered what the Cale in the novel said to Choi Han.

["Why should my father care whether or not some useless villagers are dead? This cup of alcohol in my hand is worth more than all of your useless lives combined."]

Choi Han starts to laugh at Cale's words as he asks back.

["What an interesting thought. I am very curious to know whether you will change your mind or not."]

['Shall we test it out?']

That test was beating Cale to a pulp so that he was almost dead. The amazing thing was that Cale never changed his mind even after he was beaten to a pulp.

Everyone stared at Rok Soo and TBOAH! Cale who just ignored their looks, choosing to instead stare at the screen. Both Deruths, however, felt like they knew why their son acted like that and frowned, subtly glancing at Jour who was patting the heads of Rok Soo and TBOAH! Cale.

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