Chapter 21

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"Good morning, everyone!" Adalie announced as she slammed the doors open. "Slept well?"

"Who would?" TBOAH! Archie said with a frown. "After all the shits we watched yesterday."

"Well, good news is we are going to watch more, in your words, shit!" Adalie said happily. "In fact, this one is the continuation of yesterday's last episode! So, go grab whatever food you want and let's start the show!"

Chapter 95: If I have to move (5)

A large wave rushed toward them.

"How strong." TBOAH! Rosalyn said in awe. "Dragons really are mighty creatures."

With that statement, most of the dragons felt pride and smirked while a few only sighed at their fellow dragons' actions. It wasn't that they didn't feel pride when the red-haired woman praised them but they had more common sense than to always stand tall in arrogance whenever someone praises them. That would be so tiring!

"Ugh! Everybody hold on to my body!"

Archie shouted urgently. 

"You've changed." TBOAH! Shickler told TCF! Archie who looked confused. "Before, you would rather die than let someone on you."

"Bu-" TCF! Witira interrupted TCF! Archie. 

"Yes, he has changed." she said with a smile. "He also became kinder these days, especially regarding young master Cale and his friends."

'Of course I would become meeker in front of him!' TCF! Archie thought in frustration. 'He's a scary bastard! I mean, look at the screen and tell me which sane person would blow an island up just to defeat an enemy?!'

However, he couldn't say anything because of the happy looks being given to him by the Whale tribe members.

The waves produced by the bomb were still dangerous, even though they were outside of the explosion's range. Cale, along with everyone else, quickly laid down flat to hug Archie.

Cale looked toward the source of the loud noise behind the tall waves.


A bright light rushed out of the island in the midst of all of those noises. Cale could see that a black smoke had taken its place once he could open his eyes again.

All sorts of debris were flying out from within the black smoke.

Cale's jaws dropped.


It looked like the whole island was floating away as it broke down into small particles of dust.

"...Is much stronger than I expected?"

"No one should hand you bombs." TBOAH! Gilbert said in shock. "Or enough materials to make one."

"No one should let you even leave your house." TCF! Alberu said with a tired tone. "Or at least, if you do, bring a responsible adult with you who will tell you NOT to do those kinds of things."

He had never expected this much explosive power, even though he knew that the bombs would be stronger than average. He did claim that he would destroy the island, but the impact of the explosion on the ocean was huge.

Raon, who looked calm and composed, tilted his head in confusion.

"Wasn't this what you wanted, human? I thought you meant it when you said you wanted to destroy it. That's why I fortified the bombs a couple more times."

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