Chapter 1

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The word Prologue appeared on the screen as everyone turned their eyes on the screen in interest.

When I opened my eyes, I was inside a novel.

"Novel?" some people said out loud as confusion clouded everyone's face except those who knows the truth.

[The Birth of a Hero].

[The Birth of a Hero] was a novel focused on the adventures of the main character, Choi Han, a high school boy who was transported to a different dimension from Earth, along with the birth of the numerous heroes of the continent.

Everyone suddenly glanced at the two Choi Han's who felt uncomfortable with the gazes.

"We're inside a novel?" TCF! Witira asked with narrowed eyes as Adalie nod.

"A novel the god of Death created so that Cale won't enter the world blindly." Adalie explained which caused people to look at TCF! Cale, wondering why he received such care from a god. After all, the god could have easily brought him to the world ignorantly.

"High school?" TBOAH! Basen asked.

"It's like an academy for teenagers." Adalie explained.

"So you came from another world, Hyung?" TCF! Lock asked.

"Yeah." TCF! Choi Han nod.

"You're the main character, Choi Han. I wonder what would happen if young master Cale didn't do anything and left everything to you." TCF! Rosalyn teased which caused TCF! Choi Han to shiver, thinking of everything TCF! Cale has done.

I became a part of that novel as the trash of the Count's family, the family that oversaw the territory where the first village that Choi Han visits is located.

The problem is that Choi Han becomes twisted after that village, and everyone in it, are destroyed by assassins.

Silence as everyone looked at both Choi Han's in pity except for the enemies.

"I'm okay." TCF! Choi Han said to the kittens and Raon who approached him to comfort him and patted them.

TBOAH! Choi Han, on the other hand, was being comforted by Rosalyn and Lock. 

The bigger problem is the fact that this stupid trash who I've become doesn't know about what happened in the village and messes with Choi Han, only to get beaten to a pulp.

"Did you just call me stupid?" Kim Rok Soo and TBOAH! Cale asked in unison while TCF! Cale just shrugged his shoulders.

"Well, you can't really blame me, right?" TCF! Cale said. "If you think about it, who would challenge someone stronger than them?"

The two had no response and just frowned.

"...This is going to be a problem."

"It was a problem." TCF! Cale said with a frown as the others glanced at him.

I feel like something serious has happened to me.

"You think?" TCF! Bud said sarcastically while rolling his eyes. "You switched bodies with someone else without knowing and you think something serious happened?"

"Who are you?" TCF! Cage asked in wonder. Since they were in the same place, they must be allies in the future so it wouldn't hurt to ask for their information, right?

"Hello, I'm Bud Illis and this is my friend, Glenn! I like those who drink, especially heavy drinkers. It's nice to meet you!" TCF! Bud said with a grin as he waved the alcohol bottle in his hands.

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