Chapter 3

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"Oh?" Adalie said when she noticed everyone back to their seats when she arrived. "Let's get started, then."

Chapter 3: They Met (1)

He could not think about anything else while food was in front of him. He could not even prevent the admiration that was flowing out of his mouth.

"That looks so delicious." the indestructible shield said with drool at the side of her mouth.

"Ha. It's so delicious."

The deputy butler Hans flinched at the words that came out of Cale's mouth. Cale was sitting alone at the table, with Hans standing next to him.

TCF! Hans turned his head away guiltily when he saw TCF! Cale look at him.

Other than breakfast, Count Henituse's family tended to take care of the other meals freely. To be honest, it was mainly because they each had their own responsibilities.

Nobody said that it was easy to be a noble.

"True." all of the nobles in the room agreed, especially both Alberu.

Especially if you were in administration or politics, you had to follow a strict schedule, dropping everything else if you received an order from someone above you.

Count Deruth had responsibilities as the lord of the region, making it difficult to share other meals together, while Cale's younger siblings timed their meals based on their studies. The Countess was busy interacting with the wives of the influential households in the region, as well as other tasks.

'Now that I think about it.'

Cale put the fork down after suddenly remembering something. Hans started to get nervous, thinking to himself that this was the normal Cale. He was worried because he did not know when that fork may fly toward his face. Cale did not care whether Hans was nervous or not as he got lost in his own thoughts.

"Hey, I don't throw anything besides bottles." Rok Soo said with a frown. "And I never threw anything to you."

"Well..." TCF! Hans said guiltily. "The rumors were very...creative."

'There are a lot of experts hiding as artists or craftsmen.'

Both versions of Alberu focused, wanting to recruit someone strong if possible.

The Roan Kingdom was pretty advanced in construction and the arts, especially sculpting. It was because there was a lot of marble in the Roan Kingdom. Thanks to that, the Henituse region became the fifth best marble mining region, bringing in a lot of money.

Furthermore, a mountain range took up most of Count Henituse's region. Even though it was located in the northwest, the mountains were extremely fertile, allowing the residents to grow grapes in between the mountains for wine. Although there was not a large quantity of wine from these fields, it were still treated as one of the best wines in the entire continent.

However, Cale's mind was filled more about the, 'strong individuals,' and not these facts. He had even missed lunch as he sat in the study thinking about that all day.

'Why are there so many experts on this stupid land? This isn't the murim.'

"Murim?" TBOAH! John asked his sister, Rosalyn.

"Not sure." TBOAH! Rosalyn said with a frown at the foreign word.

"It's basically a group of skilled fighters." TCF! Cale explained.

There were so many hermit experts here like in the murim. That was why Cale came to a conclusion.

Do not mess with just anybody.

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