Chapter 17

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The moment Adalie went back to the room, she was surprised to see all the villains yelling at her with the good people just looking away from her.

"Why the fu-freak are you all yelling?" Adalie asked in annoyance, covering her ears from the noise.

"The episode awhile ago is boring." TBOAH! Adin said with a frown.

"We want a better episode." TCF! White Star demanded. "Or else."

"We're boycotting, basically." TCF! Elisneh summarized their action.

"Sorry." TCF! Lock apologized with a guilty look. "We weren't able to stop them."

"It's okay, it's none of your fault." Adalie said while patting TCF! Lock's head before looking at the villains. "Fine, we'll fast forward again."

The villains cheered as Adalie hid a smirk.

'I was going to skip some more episodes, anyway.' she thought. 'They just gave me an excuse to do so.'

Chapter 86: We meet again (5)

"Oh, I almost forgot." Adalie said before clapping her hands, causing the weak hearted ones like Amiru, Dodori, Gilbert, Eric, Maes, Mary, the Henituse family and Jack to fall asleep. "They don't need to see this."

The masked man, Beacrox, flicked the whip.

"Oh, oh!" Raon said in excitement. "We're going to watch my revenge!"

"Hoh." Eruhaben said with a sinister smile.

"Well, let's see if the little guy does a good job." Rasheel said. "We can always do something about it if he doesn't."

Sheritt stayed silent, impatiently waiting for her son's revenge to happen.


The whip cut through the air and landed on Venion.


Venion's body was heavy, but he could still feel pain.

Taylor quietly watched the scene, not too worried about his younger brother since he had seen what happened to Venion after this and he did not have any injuries. Besides, Taylor actually felt a little glad to watch Venion suffer after experiencing a lot of pain from Venion's hand.

The whip continued to land on Venion's body. The simple noble's attire underneath the robe started to tear and the skin underneath started to bleed as the sharp additions to the whip cut into his skin. Some of the glass fell off the whip and remained pierced in his skin.

It was the same way Raon was abused when he was just a newborn.

"Excuse me, what?!" Sheritt shouted in anger as many released a threatening aura.

"Oh my gosh." TCF! Cage said while covering her mouth, feeling sick in the stomach. Now she understands why TCF! Cale wanted to torture Venion, she wanted to do it herself! TBOAH! Cage, on the other hand, clenched her fists in anger, frustrated that no one in her world knew what kind of shitty things the bastard did. Not only did he kill her best friend, he also tortured a baby dragon to that extent and more.

"That bastard truly deserves more than just death." Pendrick said with anger, not being able to stand watching a baby dragon get tortured.

TCF! Odeus felt relieved that he did the right thing in working together with TCF! Cale to make Venion suffer. He would have surely regretted it if he rejected the offer.

"Oo, ugh, oo-!"

Venion was shouting something but the words did not come out of his mouth. He tried to struggle and move but his body was still paralyzed.

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