Chapter 39

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Chapter 147: Vicious (2)

"Well, the title doesn't paint a happy picture." TBOAH! Obante said while some already prepared their hearts.

"Truthfully speaking, that Cale's life is always busy and sad so it isn't really a surprise." TBOAH! Choi Han pointed out.

"That's not true!" TCF! Cale immediately denied. "My life is...uh..."

TCF! Cale could only quiet down, remembering the scenes they were shown and realizing that his future life would not be a slacker life but a workaholic life which made him pale.

"If I destroy the White Star early on...I'll get my dream life...yeah...I'll do that." TCF! Cale thought out loud before showing a scammer smile which caused shivers to appear on his enemies' spines.

"It won't be that easy, transmigrator."  TCF! White Star arrogantly said.

"Hehehe, oh but it will be." TCF! Cale said with a large grin and a crazy gleam in his eyes. "I will do whatever it takes to get my slacker life."

'Poor Cale, thinking that his enemy will only be the white star.' Adalie thought in pity.

Witira and Cale's group flinched at Cale's response.

"I have a bad feeling." Taylor murmured after seeing the first few seconds of the video. 

"I second that." TCF! Archie said. "To make even the future queen flinch...I really don't want to know what he just said."

A shocked Witira walked over to Cale.

"Young master Cale, you're going to flip them over?"

"Flip over what?" TBOAH! John asked before realizing something. "Or who?"

"Do you really think young master Cale will flip people?" TBOAH! Pen asked with a raised brow before stopping. "Actually, yeah, he probably will."

TCF! Cale just looked at the two royalties with an offended look. 

Rosalyn seemed to be debating the plausibility of Cale's plan while Choi Han just stood there with his mouth open in shock.

"Cale-nim, are you really going to flip them over?"

Other than Raon who was smiling brightly, everybody else seemed to be shocked. Cale answered them with indifference.

"No. Well, you see."

His calm voice echoed throughout the forest.

"I really like how he can explain his evil plots with a calm voice as if he's talking about mundane things like the weather or the food he will be eating." TCF! Bud said with many nodding in agreement.

"He's always been like that." Jung Soo said with a teasing grin. "In the past, he would tell us gruesome plans to kill the monsters and fulfilling it without batting an eye."

"He would actually continue on his way after that." Soo Hyuk continued. "Be it eating, sleeping, or doing paperwork."

"Don't remind me of those atrocities." TCF! Cale said with a slight shiver. 

"Which one?" TBOAH! Bud asked. "Eating, sleeping, or paperwork?"

"...Do you really think he'd hate eating or sleeping when it's literally his dream?" TBOAH! Glenn asked after a few seconds of disbelief before wondering for the nth time why he became friends with the man besides him. 

"I was thinking that it might make it easier for them to leave this world if we shook their ships a bit. Wouldn't it be better if we could send them to the afterlife without dirtying our hands as much?"

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