Chapter 46

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"Did you all enjoy the long break?" Adalie asked the moment she entered the room. "Because I certainly didn't."

"Why didn't you?" the dragon half-blood meekly asked.

"Who cares why the bitch didn't." TBOAH! White Star commented. "I'm more annoyed at how I am stuck here for a long time without any entertainment or useful information."

"I'm so glad you are worried for me, little dragon!" Adalie cooed before shooting the enemy a glare. "Unlike some bastard who only knows how to talk shit."

"Bitch." he murmured which was ignored by everyone.

"Anyway, I was just busy with things so I couldn't show you scenes before." Adalie said. "But I found some time so here we are! So, prepare some snacks, take a sit, and enjoy the show!"

Everyone quickly followed her words, excited for the show (it was not because she was glaring at them with challenging eyes).

Chapter 160: Rolling in by the vine (7)

The Sun Palace.
It was named this way because it supposedly resembled the sun's bright light.

"A shame it only describes the outer appearance." TBOAH! Hannah said. "The inside is just plain rotten."

"This makes me doubt about everything I know." TCF! Lily said. 

"Hm?" TCF! Basen asked in a confused tone.

"I mean, the church of the sun god was supposed to be good but they're al-mostly evil while the church of the god of death has people like Ms. Cage over there." TCF! Lily explained, catching herself to not say that everyone in the church of the sun god is evil. After all, Ms. Hannah and Mr. Jack were kind, even if the former liked fighting. 

Inside the Palace at the corner of the banquet hall's first floor.
Cale was standing by a table that was full of desserts.

"Human, human/Cale I want that!" the kids all exclaimed, looking at the numerous desserts with stars in their eyes.

"Adalie." TCF! Cale simply said lazily, smiling when the same food as the one on screen appeared. 

'Am I your servant or slave like Bud?!' Adalie wanted to scream but held it in, fulfilling his orders. 'Fuck you, you're so lucky I like you.'

-Human! There are so many delicious things! It would be great if our family was here as well!

"They're all here now!" Raon exclaimed with a cheer, his mouth stuffed with food so his words sounded off but still understood.

"Yes, we are Raon-nim." TCF! Rosalyn said with a smile.  

Munch munch.

The sound of Raon eating echoed in Cale's head.

– It would be great if Goldie gramps was here too!

Eruhaben hid a smile, touched that the little dragon cared about him even if they weren't that close yet. 

Unfortunately, Cale did not bring Choi Han nor Eruhaben with him. Eruhaben said that he was tired and wanted to rest.

Eruhaben ignored the looks he was being given.

"Is it because you're old that you need plenty of rest?" TBOAH! Mary innocently asked, obviously without any ill intention. However, her words still made many choke and look at her in shock. 

'How brave!' many thought.

'How foolish.' the enemies thought.

"...No, I just wanted to rest." Eruhaben corrected with a bitter smile. While he was aware of how old he was, he didn't like being reminded of that fact. 

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