Chapter 8

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Chapter 8: Picked it up (2)

Cale held a bag that was twice the size of yesterday's bag as he headed back up to the top of the slums. 

"It's weird seeing you work." TCF! Alberu said. "Don't you want to be a slacker?"

"I do." TCF! Cale nod. "Those are just my first steps to become one."

'Yep, that's just the first out of thousands.' Adalie thought with pity.

The two siblings were there to greet him once again. The children kept their mouth shut as they looked toward Cale. Cale smiled as he took out two small bags and pushed them toward the children.

"Take it."

The young girl slowly approached him. Cale frowned as he watched the girl with coarse grey hair approach him. She had a hand on her side as she limped over to him.

"Why were you limping?" TCF! Taylor asked in worry. He remembered the kittens who rode with him, Cage, and Cale on their way to the capital and found them cute so seeing them suffering made him mad.

"Ah...I tripped earlier that morning, nyah." On said while licking her paw, having no trouble watching her past self. Contrary to On, TCF! Cale was already finalizing his plans to torture the cat tribe.

'I guess it's a good thing to have many strong people with me.' TCF! Cale thought with a small smirk. 'More ways to torture people.'


Cale pushed the two bags toward the young boy.

"You come here and take it."

The young boy quickly rushed over and snatched the bags before quickly running back. Compared to Cale's bright red hair, the boy had coarse dark red hair that shook as he ran.

Cale then turned around and headed toward the man-eating tree.

"It's not bread. It's meat and cake."

He could hear the siblings talking about the food, but he did not care. He continued to walk toward the man-eating tree's territory.


"...It's a bit scary."

"It is." Paseton agreed, inching a little closer to his sister.

The black tree without any leaves seemed to be moving its branches to welcome Cale. This eerie feeling made Cale nervous, but he still poured the contents of the bag into the hole underneath the tree.

The bread quickly disappeared.

It was at that moment.

...More, give me more.

Almost everyone flinched at the sudden voice they heard and looked at Adalie who had a big smile on her face.

"Hehehe, I thought that it was boring only reading the scenes so I decided to add the sounds TCF! Cale heard. Oh, and the following chapters will not be a reading anymore but will be watching the show!" Adalie announced proudly, thinking of all the begging she had to do for the readings to become a show.

"Show?" TBOAH! Glenn asked in curiosity.

"Oh, it's like... you'll see later." Adalie said, realizing that they never had any shows or movies in their world. 

'...It's driving me crazy.'

The response he read about in the novel showed up. It was the voice of a weak girl. Yes, the person who starved to death was a priestess who served a god. However, unlike the present day priestesses of the temples or churches, the ancient priestesses were shamans. The majority of the ancient shamans could be considered people who had superpowers or natural forces under their command.

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