Chapter 42

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As Adalie pressed play, she couldn't help but notice the tense aura in the room. It was understandable, though, considering that this would be the first official victory of TCF! Cale's team (yes, no one doubts that. Even the enemies begrudgingly agree that they would win that fight). And, while it can be said that they won many times like the one where they helped Toonka achieve victory, it wasn't the same because they merely assisted the man and didn't directly fight. So, yes, everyone was shaking with anticipation.

Chapter 150: Vicious (5)

Dawn was approaching.

"How long were you guys fighting." TBOAH! Amiru rhetorically said in surprise while blinking a couple of times. "It must have been either too fun or there were too many people."

"Probably the former." TBOAH! Gilbert answered. "I doubt they would take a long time defeating the fleets we saw before."

"True." TCF! Eric agreed. "I would have thought it was the latter before but after seeing their skills, I doubt."

The ocean was calm now that the storm was over. Cale looked up at the sky that was no longer covered by the large rain cloud that covered half of the Hais Islands and then lowered his head.

He had a single thought in his head.

'... Scary bastards.'

"Says the one who planned everything."  TCF! Archie mumbled, slightly rubbing his arms due to the goosebumps that appeared. Seriously, he was already a little scared of TCF! Cale before and now, after watching what he was capable of, Archie is completely sure he did not want TCF! Cale as an enemy. He would rather die a hundred times before even considering on offending the man.

Cale was scared.

Multiple eyebrows were raised at this statement before everyone remembered that TCF! Cale was the type of person to say he was scared of someone even if he was stronger than them and shrugged it off. Besides, they saw that the world he lived in was not kinder compared to theirs so he must have already been used to seeing bloodshed, as sad as it sounds.  

Everything was destroyed.
Other than the ships that reached the islands, all of the ships were floating in pieces after the whirlpools and the Whales got to them.
He could see corpses floating like black dots as well.

The kind ones looked away, not being able to bear to see how many people died even if they were evil enemies.

"Human ... are you shocked?"

Cale looked toward the Black Dragon, Raon.

"Human, is this too much for you? We had no other choice."

Raon shook his head as he started to speak in a serious tone.

"Sometimes, one side must die or get injured badly in order for the other side to live. You need to firm your resolve to survive the upcoming chaos. Goldie gramps said that there is nobody as unlucky as you."

"...Eruhaben-nim." TCF! Cale said after a few moments of silence, looking at the golden dragon who stared back at him.

"Did I say anything wrong?" the dragon asked with a raised brow. "I am sure that I've been calling you unlucky for quite some time now."

TCF! Cale's mouth opened and closed a couple of times, unsure of what he wanted to say as many tried to hide their laughs by disguising it as coughs.

"Yes, I can understand how unlucky you are. So just trust me, the great and mighty Raon."
"Let's go down."

Cale let Raon's comments in through one ear and out the other as he headed down to the Hais Islands.

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