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TCF! World: Chapter 137

TBOAH! World: A few months before war, after Pendrick died


Cale was inside a room in the Jungle while thinking of his future plans. He had just finished fulfilling his promise with the sun twins to heal Hannah through Mary and is now preparing for his next steps. Suddenly, a bright light covered his sight which caused him to instinctively close his eyes, unaware that he was slowly vanishing from the room, leaving no sign of his existence.


When Cale opened his eyes, he was in the middle of an unfamiliar room with dozens of chairs filing the left and right side of the room facing the front where a large screen was displayed. He immediately stood on guard and scrutinized the room until his eyes landed on three familiar people behind him, leaving him frozen for a few seconds. There, on the ground on top of each other, were Kim Rok Soo, Lee Soo Hyuk, and Choi Jung Soo.

"...What?" Cale unconsciously said in shock, trying to process what was happening and why he was seeing the three who were supposed to be in another world. At the sound of his voice, three people looked up but only one recognized him.

"Cale Henituse?" Kim Rok Soo asked in disbelief as the other two just looked confused.

"You know him, Rok Soo?" Choi Jung Soo asked as Lee Soo Hyuk observed Cale.

Kim Rok Soo was about to answer when they were interrupted by a cough. The four turned to the sound and saw a small panda waving at them.

"Hello!" the panda said with a smile as it stood below the large screen. "I'm sure you are all confused and wary on how you all suddenly appeared here but please do not worry. I promise not to harm you at all."

"Then why are we here?" Choi Jung Soo asked in confusion. If the talking panda didn't want to harm them then what was the purpose of bringing them here? To talk?

"Um, before I answer that, can the three of you stand up? I'm sure that you aren't comfortable lying on top of each other." the panda stated with a shy smile as the three Koreans realized their position and quickly stood up beside Cale.

"Okay, well, the reason I bought you all here is because I want all of you to have closure." the panda said.

"Closure?" Lee Soo Hyuk asked in confusion. "About what?"

"Well, I'll explain but try to keep up because it will be confusing." the panda said seriously which earned four nods. "Okay, so the four of you are from different timelines. Lee Soo Hyuk and Choi Jung Soo are from the world where they are currently protecting Kim Rok Soo from the unranked monster. Kim Rok Soo and Cale Henituse are from the world where the original Cale, now Kim Rok Soo, made a deal with the god of Death and the two exchanged bodies although they haven't met yet."

All four blinked in shock.

"...Then what closure are you talking about?" Lee Soo Hyuk, the first to gain his bearings, asked with a bad feeling in his heart. After all, there must be a reason why he and Jung Soo came from a different timeline compared to the other two and with the 'closure' the panda was talking about... he was sure he wouldn't like the answer.

"To put in simply, in your world, you and Choi Jung Soo died protecting Kim Rok Soo and he still carries that regret until today." the panda said solemnly with a hint of pity in her voice. "The original Cale Henituse, on the other hand, while satisfied with his current life still sometimes wishes to have told his family his love for them and sorry's for acting like a bad son."

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