Chapter 51

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Hello, I'm alive (somehow)! Sooo, I looked back on this book and realized I haven't been updating much and considering that I might be extremely busy these next one and a half years due to my last years in school, I have decided to skip some more chapters and move on to more important ones. This way, this book will finish earlier with all the major and exciting parts in the novel.

So, in accordance to that, do you all have any specific chapters you want them to react? Please give me the exact chapter number/s, thank you!

"Alright, let's watch this." Adalie said with obvious excitement. "I'm sure both Hannah and maybe both Jack will enjoy this, too."

This made many raise their brows in curiosity, especially the mentioned people.

"Something that will make us enjoy it?" TBOAH! Hannah murmured, thinking of what it could be.

"Oh!" TCF! Hannah seems to realize something as her eyes sparkled. "Could it be...?"

Adalie simply smiled as she pressed play.

Chapter 190: A Small Goal (5)

It was the second day of the VIP auction. 

"Oh!!" TBOAH! Hannah also realized what the episode would be about and couldn't remove the grin on her face. "This will be fun."

Both Jack couldn't help but feel a slight shiver, worried about what their sister realized. They have lived far too long to know that whenever she was this happy, it was about something he didn't want to know about. 

He didn't have anything special to do today. 

"What a surprise!" TBOAH! Cale teased. 

"Watch him jinx himself." Rok Soo added. 

The magic bag he handed to the Singten Merchant Guild's guild leader had a note about what he needed to do, so Cale did not need to worry about that anymore.

Both Adin frowned at this.

"How did you manage to make that bastard your ally?" TCF! Adin scowled with his other self cursing himself for not moving quicker than TCF! Cale. 

"Again, idiot, we're watching the damn future. How is he supposed to know?" TBOAH! Valentino said, still holding a grudge of being betrayed. "Will you listen and think for a moment?"

Both Adin scowled, not liking the fact that they were being treated like this by someone lower than them. 

'I'll get my revenge.' the both of them silently vowed.

'Mary and Tasha should be making their moves behind the merchant guild leader as well.'

Both versions of both ladies smiled at each other, glad that they were doing something useful and helpful in bringing down the enemies after all the pain they were forced to endure. 

But he didn't want to be at an auction with the theme of Beast people.

TCF! Cale and many others frowned. 

"I better be doing something good there." he whispered to himself. 

If it was not living Beast people, what else could they be auctioning off?

"I really can't believe I didn't notice anything about that bastard." TCF! Valentino said with a disappointed sigh for himself. "There were so many signs that he was evil and I just turned a blind eye to them."

"Don't blame yourself." Jung Soo comforted. "We humans have a habit of ignoring the warning signs to have any kind of relationship with a walking red flag."

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