Special (1/3)

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Heya, everyone! Because it's almost 2022, I decided to do something special (which is kind of already given away by the title hahaha)! Starting from today, December 31, 2021, until January 2, 2022, the casts will be reacting to three special scenes that is far from the first chapters and ones I, and probably you, want to see the casts react to ever since you read about it! This is my thanks to everyone for reading this story and a gift because, well, receiving gifts and being spoiled, is fun! So, hope you all enjoy! 


"So, before we watch the next chapters, is there anyone bored?" Adalie asked when she saw that nothing big was happening. "Besides the villains, of course."

All of the villains, who were raising their hands either frowned or glared at Adalie who ignored them.

"Well, the shows have been quite... normal." TCF! Archie commented when he saw no one wanted to speak. 

"True." TBOAH! Bud nod. 

"What do you expect from my life?" TCF! Cale asked with a raised brow. 

"Well..." some people from the TBOAH! world murmured. 

"Drama?" TCF! Hannah asked, thinking of all the things TCF! Cale has done. 

"Something worship-worthy?" TCF! Clopeh said next, still unsure why he betrayed the White Star for TCF! Cale whose life seemed... a bit unnatural but still normal overall. He knows himself well and the only reason he could think of as to why he would do that was because TCF! Cale was a legend but the shows were quite...dull. 

"Considering the fact that you managed to change some of my members' allegiance, I doubt you lived a 'normal' life." TCF! White Star said as TCF! Cale frowned.

"I'm sure they left your group because you suck at leading." TCF! Cale answered, not missing a beat as both White Stars glared at him.

"Okay, that's enough." Adalie said while clapping her hands. "Because it's new year, I decided that we will watch a special video compilation."

"New year?" TBOAH! Alberu asked with a raised brow. "What is that?"

"Oh, I forgot you all don't celebrate it." Adalie said with a small laugh. "So, new year basically means what it seems. In my world, people celebrate the first day of the year."

"For what?" TBOAH! Amiru asked in wonder. 

"Dunno." Adalie shrugs. "All I know is we celebrate it although I think it's because they hope it would bring good fortune or something."

"I...see." TCF! Alberu said with a weird smile. "How fascinating."

 "Anyway, let's watch the compilation I made!" Adalie said with a smile before pouting. "It took me hours to compile them all so you should all be grateful. Well, let's start!"

--- Warning: Not For The Weak Hearted ---

"N-not for the weak hearted?" TCF! Jack asked with a small stutter, knowing full well that he was one. 

"Don't worry, it's not scary, just...shocking." Adalie said with a small pause, realizing her words were confusing and not helping. "Well, I'm sure you will all do fine and if someone happened to have a heart attack, I can always call for some help with 911."

Many didn't understand what 911 was and felt worried for their lives. 

Title: The cost to get the Fire of Destruction

"We're going to see how TCF! Cale will get the fire of destruction/me?" all of the ancient powers and TCF! Cale asked with wariness/happiness, knowing full well what it entails. Raon, on the other hand, stayed silent, traumatized at that moment and silently gulp.

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