Chapter 26

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"Welcome back, everybody!" Adalie said in excitement as she entered the room, skipping all the while. "Have you all eaten already? Hopefully you didn't eat too much because this episode is one where the color red is very dominant!"

"Please don't tell me it's blood." TBOAH! Eric wished with his eyes close and his hands interwined together.

"Okay, I won't tell you it's blood." Adalie agreed, sitting down and playing the show. "Oh, and TCF! Cale, try surviving this one, okay? Cuz the next episodes are going to be one where you will be scolded."

TCF! Cale groaned, having an idea on what the episode would be. With the clue given by Adalie about blood and with how the last episode was about them arriving to help the village, he was absolutely sure the episode was about their fight and when he used his fire for the first time.

Chapter 112: Scary (5)

"Just who are you?"

"Was he not listening? Hyung already told them who we are." TCF! Lock said with a frown. "He should learn to listen to others."

"Maybe he's just too stupid." Maes told his brother who agreed.

"Possible." TCF! Lock said.

The stress of watching the episodes have started changing the personalities of the people. They became more confident and bolder in stating their thoughts while understanding that there is no such thing as good people. Only people who likes peace like TCF! Cale. It was fine for everyone, though, because no matter what reason, he still helped them unlike others who would just scam them like TBOAH! Elisneh did from what they heard.

Choi Han responded to the magic spearman's question.

"The secret organization."

Choi Han was very confident with his answer now. Cale could see Choi Han starting to smirk through the opening in his mask. He couldn't believe that Choi Han was smirking. It was not fitting Choi Han's character.

"Character development, young master Cale." TBOAH! Billos said with a smile. "Character development."

"Or, you know, it's their real personality which the book didn't say anything about since his different types of personalities were unimportant." Rok Soo wisely said. "After all, the only things you needed to was his adventures, right? You didn't need to know what kind of person anyone of them was except for the basic level."

"True." TBOAH! Cale said while thinking of the information they've heard and seen from both TCF! Cale and the episodes. "Like, Choi Han is the hero, Rosalyn is the strongest mage and others."

"What a bunch of lunatics."

They could feel the magic spearman's true feelings. He looked angry and annoyed. Cale started to smirk even wider than Choi Han.

TCF! Cale skillfully ignored the looks the other people gave him.

"You really have a thick skin." Jung Soo said with a laugh.

'So why do you do these bad things to harm other people?'

"Because they're cruel?" Raon told his answer with a smile.

"They're evil?" On tried.

"They're sadistic?" Hong replied proudly.

"Because it's fun." TBOAH! Adin answered with a bored tone.

"Hey kid, who are they?"
"Who are they?"

There were two people who seemed to be working with the magic spearman. There was a boy who seemed to be about 12 years old, as well as a middle-aged man.

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