Chapter 6

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Merry Christmas everyone! As a gift, I will upload two chapters today :) It's not much but it's all I can give you, hahaha, hope you enjoy! (1/2)

"Let's start." was the first thing Adalie heard when she entered the room. She turned to the speaker, TCF! White Star, and was about to speak when she was interrupted.

"The last chapter was extremely boring." Adalie pouted and went to her place, turning the screen on.

Chapter 6: They met (4)

Choi Han stopped leaning against the wall and pushed his body up.

His body was leaning to his left probably because his right ankle was uncomfortable, but Cale did not help him or say anything about him. There was no reason to be any nicer to him than he had already been.

Cale told Choi Han to follow him as he headed toward the Count's estate. However, an existence blocked his path.


The red furred golden eyed kitten ran toward Cale and rubbed its cheeks on Cale's shoes. Cale started to frown. He didn't like cats, but this one seemed pretty cute. However, he suddenly felt chills all over his body and turned around. Choi Han was staring at him.

'Damn it.'

Cale awkwardly started to pet the kitten.

"It seems like it likes me. But I have to go. See you next time."

Cale never understood why people talked to animals. However, Cale, who had now become that person that was speaking to animals, quickly stood back up and walked away from the kitten.

"Pfft." TCF! Jack laughed with his sister as others found this side of TCF! Cale funny.


The silver furred golden-eyed kitten growled as if it was telling the red-furred kitten to come back while telling Cale to get lost. The red-furred kitten seemed to not want to go back as it continued to look back at Cale as it walked away. However, Cale did not turn back.

Meow, meoooooooow.

The sad cries of the kittens were getting farther away. Cale took a peek backwards. Choi Han was limping, but keeping up with him.

"You are just fucking slow." the sky eating water said as Jour laughed in amusement.

"He does look weak." TCF! Cale just frowned in annoyance.

They made eye contact once more. Cale flinched as he quickly turned his head back. He was walking slowly to make it easier for Choi Han to keep up.

They passed the residential area and Cale took another sip of the alcohol.

The bars. Market. Plaza. They then passed the residences of the wealthy and finally arrived at the Count's estate located in the rear of the city.

"What are you doing?"

Cale looked toward Choi Han, who had stopped moving. Choi Han must have seen how the soldiers greeted Cale, as well as how the citizens avoided him, on their way here.

Choi Han was probably questioning whether it really would be easy to kill Cale.

Cale asked once more.

"Are you not going to come?"

As expected, Choi Han resumed walking. His reason for following Cale now was probably to get some information as well as to host the funeral for the villagers of Harris Village.

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