Chapter 19

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"Oh, I'm so excited for this chapter!" Adalie said while waving her feat back and forth. "It's when..."

"When?" TBOAH! Hans asked when Adalie stopped. 

"When..." Adalie continued.

"When what, bitch." TCF! White Star said in annoyance which made Adalie angry.

"Fucker, find out for yourself!" Adalie said angrily before pressing play.

Chapter 93: If I have to move (3)

Cale did not wait for Choi Han's answer and instead immediately went to stand in front of the bloody Whale.

'The injuries were made on purpose.'

There were no large injuries on the Whale's body. All of these small injuries would disappear without scarring after using some potions.

"Looks like you used some blood?"

"Hoh, how brave." Eruhaben commented. "Not many would want to cut and cover themselves with blood just to win a fight against mermaids."

"Che, that's for weaklings." TCF! White Star said with a mocking look. "Why do dirty tricks when you can just annihilate them in one go?"

"Says the one who kidnapped the father of his enemy just to make an alliance that didn't go well at all." TBOAH! Cale remarked, still bitter about that. He might not be close with his family but he still loves them so seeing that scene before struck a cord in him. Rok Soo knew this and gave him a one-sided hug. Similar to TBOAH! Cale, Rok Soo was also bitter about it but not as much because he has started embracing his new identity as Kim Rok Soo and left behind his past as Cale Henituse. The two Koreans looked at each other before joining the hug, laughing when Rok Soo complained that they were suffocating him with TBOAH! Cale.

TCF! Cale just looked at the two with a small smile, knowing how the two deserved to be comforted with all the sacrifices they did for the world.

Witira's eyebrow raised a bit after hearing Cale's calm voice that showed no worry at all.

"A bit. I am in the vanguard, so I thought it would be better."

Witira fought in front of even the Killer Whales that were known for their violence. She was also the type to not care about getting hurt.

All the people who knows her nod.

"Of course." TBOAH! Witira said. "I am going to be the next ruler, after all."

"Yes." TCF! Witira agreed. "What's the use of having the crown if I can't protect my own country and do little sacrifices like that?"

"Spoken like a true queen." TCF! Litana said with a smile.

"Indeed." TBOAH! Jopis nod.

That type of mentality was sometimes needed during wars.

"Unfortunately, not only sometimes." TBOAH! Harol said with a sigh. 

"I can see that." TCF! Cale said while glancing TCF! Toonka, the person who literally embodies the statement mentioned. 

While the Whale Tribe, other oceanic Beast people, and the creatures of the sea were fighting against the mermaids, she was in the front spraying her blood in order to push back the mermaids and their dead mana. How awe-inspiring would that be? It was sure to raise the soldiers' morales.

"It did." TCF! Archie said. "Especially since she is the next ruler."

Both versions of Shickler looked proud while Paseton smiled at that comment, happy that his sister was getting the recognition she deserves.

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