Chapter 49

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Chapter 172: Perhaps (7)

– Who are you?
The crown prince had asked a similar question before.
However, this time was different.

"I would assume so." TBOAH! White Star said dryly.

"Do keep your monologue inside yourself." TBOAH! Rosalyn said in annoyance. "No one appreciates it."

– Cale, I cannot see your future. I also cannot see your past, other than the last two years.

"How surprising." TCF! Duke Fredo mused with slight surprise. "Even the World Tree, something famous for knowing everything, can't see your future or your past."

"I mean, given that the god of death is with him..." Jung Soo said.

"Of course it would be him bringing trouble." TCF! Cage scowled.

2 years ago.
That was when Kim Rok Soo had become Cale Henituse.

"It's been that long?" TBOAH! Pen asked in surprise.

"It seems so." TBOAH! Billos said, also surprised.

"It only felt like days." TBOAH! Choi Han murmured.

– I may not be much, but I have lived a long time. I've lived, died, and reincarnated many times. That gave me the eyes to see a bit of the world.

'Will I gain the same skill if I die a few more times?' both White Star greedily thought.

"That...sounds so cool yet so sad." TCF! Lily said with a frown as her mother patted her head to comfort her.

The World Tree was able to see a bit of the flow of the world. However, there was a time when it could not see any of it.

And now, the number of things that the World Tree could see was slowly decreasing.

Many frowned at this.

"Is something blocking its sight or is it..." Mila didn't continue but everyone knew what she wanted to say.

"Impossible!" TBOAH! Adite cried out. "The World Tree-nim will never d-die!"

Everyone just stayed silent.

– A long long time ago.

The World Tree recalled when it had no choice but to create the snowstorm and take over the north.

That was the first time it had ever felt fear.

Some glanced at the fire, remembering the reason why the World Tree started ordering the elves to collect gold and the likes. The fire, though, looked ignorant, watching while happily spinning a gold coin in his hand.

– There were people like you whom I could not see their pasts nor futures. I could only see tiny glimpses of their near future.

Cale focused on the fact that there were people like him in the past.

Many also looked interested, wondering if there were other people who transmigrated to their world. Well, besides Choi Han.

'If there are others...were they unlucky bastards too?' Eruhaben thought.

'Were they transmigrators too?'

If there were other transmigrators, he was curious about their futures.

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