Chapter 13

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The people in the room looked at each other, not sure what to do after the talking panda left. While she did say that they should continue without her, none of them knows how to operate the remote, including the Koreans in the room because the remote had foreign symbols on it.

"Should we just wait?" TCF! Lock asked hesitantly when he saw no one was going to speak up.

"I guess so." TBOAH! Rei Stecker said. With that statement, everyone formed groups and talked about random things. After an hour, Adalie came back with a serious look on her face, silently grabbing Raon and TCF! Cale before leaving the room again. When thirty minutes passed, the door opened again with the three entering normally.

"Well then, let's start!" Adalie announced before pausing. "Oh, and we're skipping a few chapters."

"Why is that?" Sheritt asked.

"Well, something happened and those scenes got deleted out." Adalie explained with a smile. "If there is no more questions, let's start."

Chapter 16: Heading out (3)

"Young master, are you heading over there?"

"Oh, is this that time when..." TCF! Choi Han asked, only to stop when he saw TCF! Cale, who brought one finger to his lips, quiet him in a 'shush' action while rubbing Raon's head who was silently watching the show.

Ron approached him as soon as he stepped out of the carriage.

"Who will go if I don't?"

Ron and the Vice Captain started to chase after Cale, who was heading toward the incident location without any hesitation. The two surrounded Cale, as if the world was going to end soon, but Cale did not care.

A man slowly walked out of the other carriage. Venion Stan.

"Venion?!" TCF! Cage and Taylor exclaimed in surprise while TBOAH! Cage, TCF! Cale, TCF! Beacrox, TCF! Choi Han, and the two kittens glared/growled in anger. Raon just blankly looked at the show, still angry at the man who tortured him for years but a little calm as he already got his revenge.

Cale started to frown deeply as soon as he saw him. There was only one line in the file that his father Count Deruth gave him regarding Venion Stan's personality.

[A typical and authoritative noble]

Many, especially the nobles, frowned at the line, saddened and mad that such attitude was considered 'typical' by others.

Cale, well, Kim Rok Soo, could also use the information from, 'The Birth of a Hero,' to evaluate Venion.

Many, especially Taylor and both Cages, looked curious as to how the evil man was depicted in the novel.

"I swear if the novel shows that bastard with any good points, I will fucking murder that god of death." TCF! Cage threatened with her other self and TCF! Cale agreeing to help her.

Your typical villain.

However, it was quite a headache to meet that typical villain in real life, than it was as a character in a novel. Cale could not beat someone up for doing something bad or because he didn't like them like Choi Han could.

"You could, though?" TBOAH! Cale said with a raised brow. "Your reputation, or at least what was left of it, is still trashy so no one would scold you for that. They would just think Venion did something that offended you."

TCF! Cale just stared at him in shock before silently face palming himself, realizing that it was true.

"You still shouldn't beat people up!" Jour scolded the two while Rok Soo silently turned his head to laugh, feeling glad he wasn't being scolded for once.

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