Chapter 27

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Adalie pouted a little as she played the next scene, feeling it unfair that she couldn't even have a break or something similar. Don't they know it was stressful and tiring to play the episodes?! Besides, Pandas deserve rest, too! Well, not like she could voice out her opinions without risking her life. Now she understands why TCF! Cale kept saying the word 'vicious' when describing his family. They were extremely scary!

Chapter 113: Great and Mighty (1)

– Cale!

Cale could hear Raon's voice in his head.

"You called me by my name?" TCF! Cale asked in surprise as he glanced at his... son on his lap. With how often people were telling him that he was the father of the three children, he started being fine with it. Maybe even liked it. "Shame I didn't hear it."

"Shut up, Human!" Raon exclaimed with a small blush on his chubby cheeks which turned brighter when his two cat siblings began teasing him.

"You shouldn't call him by his name, nya~" Hong started with a teasing grin.

"Yeah, you should call him Dad!" On finished with the same smile.

"D-don't tease me!" Raon whined as many chuckled at the cute yet funny scene in front of them. It made them almost forget what kind of scene they were in. Almost. 

He was in pain.

Many winced at the statement stated by TCF! Cale's thought, feeling annoyed that they let him feel that. 

He had never felt this much pain ever since he came over to this world.

"Then... does that mean you felt such pain before you came to this world, Oraboni?" TBOAH! Lily tentatively asked, flinching a little when everyone's eyes turned to her before shifting to the thoughtful looking TCF! Cale.

"Hmm, I think I did." TCF! Cale said with a shrug. However, when he saw the worried looks on their faces, he decided to say something to calm them down. "It's exaggerating, though, since it wasn't that painful."

He didn't understand the looks he was given but was afraid to ask in case they say/do something to him like scold him again. 


The black blood continued to drip down through his fingers and onto the castle wall. He could not stand up straight, as he continued to spit out blood.

"Are you sure your pain tolerance is okay?" Rasheel asked with a tint of worry in his voice. "Because even I know that is extremely painful and that's only by looking at it."

"Of course it's alright." TCF! Cale said with a frown. "Besides, I think everyone here knows I am the one who hates pain the most here so shouldn't I be the most sensitive regarding pain?" 

"Um, Cale-nim, hating pain and having a messed up pain tolerance are two different things." TCF! Choi Han said with a hesitant look. 

"No it isn't." TCF! Cale said with a raised brow. "I mean, isn't it common sense that the more sensitive you are with pain, the more you hate it?"

"Yes, but it seems that common sense doesn't apply to you." TCF! Alberu said with a princely smile. "How are the statements 'black blood continued to drip down' and 'could not stand up straight' equal to 'I'm alright'?

TCF! Cale didn't answer. Partly because of the looks he was getting and partly because the prince made sense.

In the side, the vitality of heart was grieving for his lost freedom. 

'Why do I have to work this hard?' he thought with tears in his eyes. 'I'm dead!'

"Ca, Cale-nim!"

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