Chapter 18

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"So, the next chapter will involve a certain secret to be revealed." Adalie said while glancing at both Alberus who noticed it and paled slightly. Fortunately, only the two and TCF! Cale noticed.

"Isn't that an invasion of privacy?" TCF! Cale said with a frown, seeing the worried look in TCF! Alberu's face. "Well, more so than this?"

"Unfortunately, as much as I dislike the idea too," Adalie said with a small frown. "revealing this will be for the betterment of everyone."

"How so?" TBOAH! Jopis asked with an interested face.

"Well, for one thing, it will deepen the trust each of you have with each other." Adalie explained. "And lessen the burden this certain person is carrying. After all, isn't it painful and tiring to hide  everyday?"

'Will you accept?' Adalie telepathically asked both Alberus who hesitantly agreed. They won't admit it but what Adalie said was true. They wanted to stop pretending, even to at least in front of a limited number of people, because faking his whole identity was painful, tiring, and suffocating. Not only that, it was getting harder to breathe as more days passed because he couldn't relax at all unless he wants to risk his identity being exposed. 

"Oh, and before I forget, all of you have to sign this contract before being able to watch the episode." Adalie said while getting a handful of papers out from her backpack. "To those who don't want to sign, they will be kicked out of this room."

"How will you know if we break this?" TBOAH! Beacrox asked while signing. "And is the consequence the same as the before one?"

"For your first question, the answer is because this paper was given to me by the god of death. So, technically, you guys are performing a vow of death just in written form. For the second question, depends on my mood. Has everyone finished signing?"

When she saw some people nod, she smiled and took the papers back, smiling widely when she took the paper from both frozen White Stars who were shocked they unknowingly took a vow of death again. 

Chapter 89: I suppose it is a gift (2)

Cale and Alberu both just quietly observed each other.

"Is this young master Cale's secret or his highness' secret?" TCF! Rosalyn asked while the group of TBOAH! Choi Han thought it was TCF! Cale's secret since they were kind of close with the prince and they haven't found anything that would make him suffocate under the pressure besides the fight for the throne. I mean, wouldn't they notice something was off with the amount of time they spent with the prince? After all, no one can act and keep their façade 24/7. 


The crown prince's response at the end of that silence was pretty confident. His face was not shaking at all. Cale shrugged his shoulders.

"Oh, so it's the prince's secret that will be shown, noona." TCF! Lock said as many looked interested.

Both Tasha's looked nervous while glancing at their nephew, knowing what the secret was. 

"Just that I can give this to you, but not for free."

Alberu couldn't believe Cale had nothing else to say after giving him such a strong blow.

"Ha, haha-"

Alberu started to laugh. It made Cale wonder what would have happened if there wasn't soundproof magic in the office. Either that, or what would have happened if he hadn't sent the servants and his subordinates out.

The atmosphere turned chilly in the room.

"What did you find out for the crown prince to be this mad?" TBOAH! Eric asked, shock that the prince who was always seen smiling could be angry. Well, it wasn't that surprising because everyone had hidden sides of themselves.

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